10 Basic Items You Need To Pack If You’re Going On A Retreat



First and foremost, if you’re hoping gadgets will be included in the list then this is not the page for you. Going on a retreat means disconnecting from the world of internet and technology. So you are expected to only bring things that you would normally use everyday excluding distracting gadgets. These are basic items that you will be needing in order to function fully while you are having your retreat.

Check out the 10 basic items that you should pack with you in order to enjoy your retreat:

  1. Rosary

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A rosary is a very sacred thing to bring and it is very much ideal to pack it with you when you go on a retreat. A retreat is a safe space and you would sometimes need a specific thing that would symbolize your strength and love for God. This will be more applicable to those who have strong faith especially the Catholics. Bringing a rosary is important because you wanna feel safe and protected and most people truly believe in the power of praying through a rosary.


  1. Book

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It is always nice to bring a book because you will have time to read when you get bored. When you are in a retreat, you often isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city that is why you’re just in a sacred retreat house and it is best to keep yourself busy. Bring books that are about positivity and spirituality because those are the things that you need to fully embrace your retreat.


  1. Slippers

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When you go on a retreat, you don’t have to bring fancy shoes, you just have to bring your slippers so that you will be able to feel more comfortable and feel at home.  Retreat places are just like your homes so you can just wear anything you want for as long as it looks neat and you feel comfortable as well.


  1. Towel

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Bringing of your own towels is very important because you don’t just want to borrow from anyone. Hygiene is the key. Just bring two sets of towel and you’re definitely good to go.


  1. Sunblock

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There are outdoor activities in a retreat and it is best to protect your skin from possible damage and darkening. Sunblocks are just easy to carry and there are so many types of sunblocks that you can buy from the market.


  1. Toothbrush

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Of course, you have to bring your toothbrush. And when you bring your toothbrush with you, you should also bring your toothpaste. Hygiene should still be a priority even if you are in a retreat or any other trip or vacation.


  1. Bible

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Bringing of different kinds of books isn’t the only thing that you should also bring a bible. A bible is a sacred book and you should definitely read it because you will learn a lot about Christianity and Catholicism. You will feel renewed and relieved of all the pain and fears that you have. A bible a day keeps the fears away.



  1. Money

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An adult doesn’t go out of the house without a money. You have to bring your own money for expenses. No explanation needed.


  1. Snacks

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There may be food in the retreat place but you should still bring your own snacks so that when you feel hungry in your room, you will be able to just grab one and munch.


  1. A Positive Mindset

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You don’t only need to bring physical items with you, you should also bring your brave mind and soul. Going on a retreat means leaving all your fears away. Going on a retreat means having a positive mindset so that you will be able to better yourself and you will have a more happy life.



There are so many retreat places in the world. Most of the best retreat places can be found in Australia just like Kims Beachside Retreat wherein you will be able to enjoy your stay because the place is near the beach. Basic items are a priority in going on a retreat because you will go to a place to reflect and realize things and you don’t need distractions.

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