Until recently, stars like Tyra Banks and Beyoncé had fooled the world into believing that they have perfect hair days all the time. But as the secret came out that lace wigs are the new necessity in Hollywood, every woman started buying themselves wigs to make sure they are no less than the celebrities. But wait, before you run to the store or rush online, there are a few things that you have to research or else you will end up with a disaster that will look unreal and not suit you at all!

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about before you buy a lace wig for yourself:2

 1. How the lace wig fits you.

Before purchasing a lace wig, you should ask the lace wig supplier what the size options they offer are. Find out if they are adjustable or if they can be custom made to fit you properly. It is best to provide your head measurement to the supplier for them to help you. The perimeter of your scalp dimensions from ear to ear and length of your nape. Typically, the wigs come in small, medium and large and according to that you can buy the wig that will fit you.

2. Hair quality.

When determining on hair do not hesitate to ask questions because it is not worth paying money for a synthetic wig. They just do not last for long and don’t even look natural. Remy hair is the best available hair right now. Brazilian, Indian or European Remy hair have different qualities that can be curly or straight. While these types of hair are much more adaptable, they do need more upkeep and care, so if you don’t have the tolerance to straighten out your hair then you should stick with the straight Silky Chinese Remy hair.

3. Lace textures.

The lace used under the hair is of different kinds like Swiss and French. French is more stable but is noticeable, while Swiss is more delicate but unnoticeable. Swiss lace has finer holes and is easier to stick to the skin therefore the material is thinner. You should also ask the seller to dye the lace so it can match your complexion.

4. Difference between lace wigs and regular wigs.

If you think that lace wigs are just like the normal wigs, then you are completely mistaken. Since the reason for making these advanced wigs is to generate a sense of genuineness, the quality is very unlike that of traditional wigs. For example, the wig caps are more delicate and lace wigs are made using human hair. They also have to be used with more care and require more maintenance than normal wigs.

5. Choosing the correct style.

While the lace wig wearers’ choices differ from each person, it is noticed that most women choose unsuitable styles. Although this can be observed with any wig, the lace wig is meant to like the hair is really growing from the scalp. So, the incorrect choice of style, color or shape can have a conflicting result, making the wearer look odd and not natural. Also, the aspiration to imitate fashionable celebrity styles makes customers buy wigs that are just not realistic for everyday use.

6. Lace front wig and full lace wig.

A big mistake that lace wig buyers make is in getting confused between the lace front wig and the full lace wig. The distinction between these two is rather understandable and not very difficult. The lace front wig has got lace only in the front and it usually extends from ear to ear. The full lace wig covers the whole hairline with lace. While both kinds of wigs are great to use, the main benefit of wearing a full lace wig is that it is more adaptable and can be put into ponytails or other updo styles.

 7. Choosing the right adhesive.

Many lace wig users think that all the types of adhesives are similar and any can be used. This is actually completely incorrect. When purchasing a lace wig it is vital to understand the different kinds of adhesives available. Depending on the sort of lace wig you buy and how much you use it, you will have to choose the correct adhesive. Adhesives like Invisi-Bond can be used for long term wig use, whereas Liqui-Tape can hold the lace wig for a shorter time. Using the incorrect kind, or in the incorrect way can damage your hairline. It is also very important that you choose the right adhesive remover as these wigs are very delicate.

8. Skin sensitivity.

Before you buy any lace wig, make sure you are not sensitive to any kind of material used on or with the wigs otherwise it will be a big waste of money and your time. If you have any sort of skin allergy or extremely sensitive skin then hair wigs may not be the best option for you and you should consult a doctor before you choose to buy one. Also, be careful that not just the hair, but also the lace and adhesives used in the wigs can cause irritation to your skin, so don’t forget to investigate those as well.

9. Management.

If you are someone who likes to have nominal management then you should consider buying a well structured and sturdy mono filament hair wig. These are also called p.u. hair systems and are relatively easier to take care of. If you manage your wig properly, then chances of you being able to use it for a long time are much higher and will save you on high costs.

10. Time to change.

These hair wigs will not last forever and their life span depends on how you will take takes care of it. It can average from months to years depending on how the wig has been used and its quality. It is important to change the wig when you know that it no longer usable because otherwise it will look unnatural and can also, in some cases, be unhygienic.

Using a hair wig is an individual choice and it is for you to make it a part of your lifestyle. Apart from style, it can help you resolve your hair loss issues for good! Look into these ten things before you buy any kind of lace wig and save yourself from rookie mistakes that most first time wig wearers make.

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