10 Tips For Storing Your Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It has been seen that people are experts in purchasing high quality jewellery, but they do not know the proper ways of storing the same. As a result the jewelleries lose their charm and luster. In fact some of them do not even look like really expensive pieces.1

Here are some truly effective tips that will help you in storing your fine jewellery easily:


  1. Cleaning jewellery after use is mandatory – On wearing a piece of jewellery it is important to clean it thoroughly before storage. Accumulation of dust, dirt and sweat is common. Use a soft cloth to clean the jewellery. For sterling silver jewellery, the cleaning should be done after every 4-6 months with silver glaze. For cleaning gold jewellery use jeweler’s rouge.


  1. Choosing a proper jewellery box – An ideal jewellery box should have a strong, hard exterior and a soft, velvety interior. The sturdy exterior helps in protecting the jewelleries from external forces while the soft interior keeps the jewels in good shape, protects from scratches and helps in retaining the luster of the trinkets.


  1. Avoiding humid conditions and high temperatures – Never ever store jewellery in stuffy and hot attic or in extremely close closets. See that the jewellery is stored at room temperature, but ensure that it is away from direct sunlight. Also ensure that the jewelries are kept in humid-free environment.


  1. Storing pearls require extra care – Pearls are soft and fragile. Scratches and nicks are quite common in soft jewelleries. For storing pearls, the interiors of the jewellery box should be super soft. Velvet interiors are highly preferred.


  1. Hanging necklaces is the best option – Necklaces should be hung to prevent kinking. When put in a drawer or inside a box, necklaces tend to get tangled with one another and also lose their luster after some time. If the necklace is a piece of fine jewellery, it should be hung separately.


  1. Using zip lock bags for proper jewellery storage – Zip lock bags are generally used for food storage. Interestingly, these zip lock bags are also used for storing fine jewellery. This is particularly useful when you need to carry pieces of jewellery while travelling. The zip lock bags can be placed easily between clothes to provide the softness factor.


  1. Different kinds of jewelleries should be stored separately – Many people have a tendency of storing all kinds of jewelleries together at one single place. This should not be done in any manner. The storage for different kinds of jewelleries should be different. Using anti-tarnish strips or small cloth bags are recommended for storing different kinds of jewelleries.


  1. Silver jewellery need special care – Tarnished appearance is quite common in silver jewellery. This is the reason that these jewellery pieces need frequent cleaning. Using tarnish resistant cloth is ideal for storing silver jewellery.


  1. Beaded jewelleries should be laid flat – If you have bracelets or necklaces with cotton, silk or nylon strings in which the beads are strung, store them in flat boxes. If such boxes are not available, use soft pouches.


  1. Dry place is ideal for any kind of jewellery storage – It is highly recommended to store fine jewelleries in a dry place. Humidity is extremely harmful for any kind of jewellery as it tarnishes the pieces greatly.


Author Bio: Alec Wood writes on the behalf of AG & Sons, which is one of the leading retailers of diamond rings, earrings and necklaces.


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