3 Screen Door Styles To Improve Your Home’s Décor

Your main entry door is one of the first things that people see when they visit or pass by your home. It reflects your lifestyle and personality. It can even be used a conversation piece when your friends or loved ones come over. If you want to improve your home décor and turn your abode into a head turner, take a look at our recommended screen door styles.

1) Decorative Glass Security Doors

You do not have to do any major remodelling to your home just to give it a new look. Sometimes, all it takes is installing a decorative glass door. You will be surprised to discover that there are various types of decorative glass doors available in the market.

Stained Glass Doors

You may have seen stained glass inside a church or a museum. Stained glass is also commonly referred to as art glass and it can be used for windows and doors. Installing a stained glass door adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house. Whatever your design preference is, a stained glass door is absolutely stunning. It combines colour, elegance and art, bringing life to your home’s plain exterior.

Decorative stained glass doors are also versatile. There are several design options you can find on the market. So, whatever style of home you have, you are sure to find a suitable stained glass door.

Etched Glass Doors

These days, etched glass doors have become more and more popular. One of the main reasons why they are highly sought after is because they offer endless design options. Glass etchings are also known as carved glass. Customers can even request for a custom design for the etching, giving them room for creativity.

However, you have to know that the design is carved onto the glass. This means that when you run your fingers over the etching, you will feel the design’s carvings. If this is not something you’d like, then it is best to choose other decorative glass door options.

Frosted Glass Doors

Security doors with clear glass are one of the most popular design options for an entry door. However, if you want more privacy to your home, then the aforementioned might not be the best option for you. It would be better if you choose a security door with opaque or frosted glass.

Frosted glass has a blurred surface and when people look at it, they won’t be able to see the other side. In this way, you can have some level of privacy while having a decorative security door. Since it is still semi-transparent, you can still let the sun shine through your door.

2) French Door Style Security Screens

If you want to add value to your home and increase its curb appeal, then a French door security screen would be a good option. These doors are practical as they offer an additional layer of protection against forced entries. At the same time, they add a unique and beautiful charm to your home.

Want to make a bold statement? Well, French security doors would be ideal for you. There are two doors in the frame, making it expansive. Artisans who design and custom builds French doors have more space for creativity. You can choose from traditional, contemporary and even Victorian designs.

You also do not have to be concerned about the level of security that a French door can give to your home. They don’t even have to look like an iron gate from a medieval castle. With your French door security screen, you can open your main entry door and still have the protection you need against criminals.

If you want to express your artistic and individual style, you can do this through a French door security screen. You can etch the glass panels with images of flowers, leaves or whatever design you can think of. However, just make sure that the design you choose still go well with the overall style of your home.

3) Decorative Grille Security Door

If you want to display your sense of style and elegance while still ensuring a high level of security, then you should consider a decorative grille security door. You can choose among a wide variety of motif patterns inspired by colonial, federation, art deco and contemporary styles, among others. You can even find companies who custom builds decorative grille security doors.

It can be quite difficult to find a perfect balance between appearance and performance. However, decorative grille security doors offer a wide variety of designs as well as security that has been tested to meet quality standards. If you want a door that offers optimum security performance, remember to choose one that has been manufactured to comply with Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. Moreover, find a company that can install your door according to AS5040.

Why A Good Security Door System is a Good Investment

  • Authentic security doors that meet Australian Security Door Standards have passed impact, knife shear and anti-jemmy tests. This means they are strong enough to protect you against burglary attempts.
  • Petty thieves only use basic tools when breaking into a home. When they see your security door, they would think that their efforts would only come to waste.
  • Adding a decorative security door is an improvement that adds value to your home. When the time comes that you decide to put your house in the market, it will have a higher selling value.
  • Having a security screen door allows you to open your main entry door to let fresh air in. This means that during the summer heat, you can lessen your air conditioning usage and lower your electricity costs.
  • You can also lower your contents insurance premium when you install a security screen door. The insurance company will consider your home as less of a risk and give you a discount.


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