5 Home Businesses To Start Needing Very Little Capital


If you have recently been made redundant or you have left university and are finding it difficult to find a job then why not try taking the initiative and starting your own business up from home, there are many options available to you and it is a great way of demonstrating your skills and your work ethic to an employer should you get around to taking up a full time job. When you apply they will see that rather than doing nothing and collections your state benefits you have been proactive and actually tried to do something. This article will give 5 suggestions on ideas for businesses you can start from home.

ECommerce/Online Business

A website is very cheap to get off the ground nowadays, there are so many different programs to assist with creating them should you be less technically minded than others or you can go for a WordPress template and have the site created instantly so that you just have to add the content. Web hosting and a domain name can be bought for as little as $20 a year and can enable you to get your idea off the ground. Once it is running you can then use social media and link building techniques to get traffic to your site for free, there are so many free ways of marketing now that all you need to do is spend a few hours watching peoples videos on YouTube and you will have the basics on what to do.

Man And Van

One of the most basic businesses you can start is a man and van service, you hire somebody who own a van to pick good up and deliver them for you, to help when moving house, to get rid of rubbish and take it to a waste disposal plant or to carry your instruments to a gig. There are a million reasons you would want to use one which shows why they are just so popular especially in city centres. A man and van in London will make a very good living, there are so many opportunities and so many people looking for the service that all it comes down to is price and getting your name out there.

Hand Made Jewellery

If you are more artistic and enjoy making things and being creative then have a go at starting your own handmade jewellery company, you can do this online, at a market stall or even move in to a shop if things are going well; there is plenty of room to expand. Handmade jewellery is big business nowadays as people are looking to buy presents that are a bit more personal and rustic rather than just buying cheap Chinese made items online.


Avon is a catalogue based shopping company; they have sales reps around the world and are always looking for new people to take over new territories. If you are sales minded and enjoy the challenge of managing a slightly bigger business then give it a go, your earnings are directly related to how well you perform so it will certainly motivate you.

Freelance Work

As a university leaver or somebody who has been made redundant recently you are likely to have a skill that would be useful to a company. Many places are looking to outsource work to people especially within the digital sector, by visiting websites like ‘People Per Hour’ and ‘Elance’ you can find jobs that suit you, discuss them with your potential employer and work from home whilst you complete the task and get paid.



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