5 Practical Ways To Create Your DIY Valentine Flower Bouquet

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Valentines is fast approaching and pretty sure everyone girl will be raving about receiving gifts from their boyfriends or suitors. If you are planning on surprising your girl then you would have to consider a lot of things. First and foremost, are you on a tight budget? Are you currently short with your money? Are you afraid to spend too much? Worry no more because you can actually create your own present by using materials that are visible at the heart of your humble home. We all know how pricey it is to spend during the love month but sometimes it is not about the quantity but of quality.

  • Garden Flowers?

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Is your mom sensitive about people picking flowers from the garden? If yes, skip to #2. If not, then continue reading. As what is said, flowers are very pricey especially in the market today. With its high demand, chances are you will lose a lot of your budget for a single flower bouquet. If you have flowers in your garden then you can actually use them for your DIY flower bouquet. Any kind of flower will do as long as it has a good fragrance and it looks presentable. It doesn’t have to look like the ones being sold in the market but you should also not take for granted the fact that it must look appealing and attractive.

  • Create Paper Roses

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If your mom did not allow you to pick the flowers in the garden then do something else. Why not try creating paper roses? Paper roses are best made using crepe paper or any other paper that is soft and durable. If you don’t have a crepe paper, you can buy it in the nearest shop. It’s practically cheap so you don’t have to worry much about the expenses. You can also use your old colored papers or old sheets of notebooks, just paint them with different colors that are striking and fascinating.

  • Cartolina, Plastic Cover or Newspaper?

So now that your flowers are ready, it’s time to think about the wrapper or the cone-like plastic/paper that are used to wrap the flowers. If you have old cartolinas, left-over of plastic covers that was used to cover your old books and notebook or newspaper, then you may consider using them to wrap your flowers! If you are using a cartolina, make sure that you use one that is bright in color. If you are using plastic cover, since the inside of the bouquet will be seen, make sure that you clean or remove the unnecessary things that may be stuck inside. If you are going for a newspaper, then you have to consider painting them so that your DIY flower bouquet will still look presentable.

  • Print Your Photographs

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This may sound cheesy and whatnot but to make your DIY flower bouquet special, you have to stick your couple photographs. Surprising a girl is hard but it is not hard to melt their hearts for as long as your intention is true and real. Sticking your photographs will surely add more flavor and spice to your DIY flower bouquet. Try making a collage of photos or use an editing software to add pop-up messages on the photographs that you will stick. Be creative!

  • Effort Is The Key

Here’s what you have to keep in mind: Effort is the key. Stop worrying about you flower bouquet not looking classy or glamorous enough. Again, it’s not always about how a certain thing looks, it’s always about the quality. Your girl will surely appreciate your DIY flower bouquet especially for the fact that you put so much effort in making it. You may not have enough budget now but pretty soon you will be able to earn to level up your love and appreciation.

We all know that Valentines is a day to celebrate the love not just for couples but also for families from all around the world. Not having enough budget doesn’t equate to not doing any effort for the love of your life. You just have to be practical and wise with your choices so that you will be able to step up your game. If there is one material that is necessary in making your DIY flower bouquet, it is LOVE.

Author bio: Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a writer for Fleur de Flo, an Australian business that offers new form of artistically creative flower arrangements. Mark helps in raising awareness and giving information about the hacks and techniques that may be used in flower arrangements.



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