5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your DLSR For Action Cameras

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In our world today, technology is really a big factor. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past five years including a huge improvement with cellphones and cameras. Those gadgets can definitely be considered a necessity in this generation and we all can’t deny that. Most photographers use DLSRs because it can shoot movies and take great photos but did you know that action cameras can do the same too?

Yes. Action cameras are very efficient and durable. It is said that action cameras are game changers when it comes to the electronics industry and we couldn’t agree more. If you wanna try a new camera then here are five reasons why you should definitely give up your DLSR camera for action cameras:

  1. More Handy

Yes. Action cameras are more handy because they’re smaller than DLSRs. Action cameras can be held by one hand unlike heavy DLSRs wherein you still have to either carry it with both of your hands or hang it on your neck to take pictures. Whether you are planning to buy any brand of action camera, its handiness and small size is guaranteed and those are really its pros and advantages from the DLSRs.

  1. Lighter

Since action cameras are small and handy, they are also lighter. Though it depends on the brand and material used in the camera, they are still ten times more lighter than DLSRs. Sure photographers and travelers will relate to the fact that it’s hard sometimes to carry DLSRs in their travels around the world that is why action cameras could be a great alternative for them to make the most out of their trip and also enjoy the leisure of photography.

  1. Lowkey

Yes. You read that right. “Lowkey” is a milennial term that means someone or something is relatively calm, placid; to keep something or to have a quiet gathering. When we connect “lowkey” with action cameras, we mean that they could pass off as CCTVs. That’s right, with an action camera’s small and light structure, nobody would ever know that you are capturing a photo or recording a video. As long as you’re using your action camera for something good then you’re good to go.

  1. Low Maintenance 

Action cameras doesn’t need that much maintenance. You can just wipe off the stains or scratches from the camera and it will totally be gone. That’s actually one of the greatest things about having an action camera, you don’t really have to worry about maintaining its beauty since it is already what it is unlike DLSRs. DLSRs are usually sensitive that’s why you would have to suffer going to a camera store just to have it fixed or cleaned. Action cameras are low maintenance cameras that are definitely worth your every dime.  

  1. Efficient

Action cameras are efficient because when you use it you are able to capture a slice of life. When you record a video, it feels as if you’re the person in the video when you watch it. DLSRs are great for photography and videography but the experience that action cameras are giving are way more better than the DLSRs. Action cameras can be connected to drones and they will be able to capture the beauty of the world from up above. That’s probably one of the best things about action cameras.

In the end, it is still up to you. But action cameras are definitely worth it. Although most of the famous and popular action cameras today that are being sold are expensive, they are still worth buying. You should really consider having an action camera. Trust your guts and you will never be disappointed.

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