5 Signs that you are safe in your rented home


Every household needs certain level of standard to ensure that there is no risk to your health or the safety measures. The landlords or the owners of the house must ensure that their tenants are provided with a healthy and safe environment to live in. it means that regular reviewing the condition of the property and carrying the repairs whenever required is a very vital step to follow. Henceforth, if you are looking out for a house for rent in Chennai, make sure it is safe and healthy enough to stay in.


No house is free of dangers

Usually the landlords of the rental houses provide with decent, well maintained and safe homes and as a tenant you are also happy and satisfied with the services received. But all the property has electrical outlets, stairs, plumbing lines etc which can be potentially dangerous and hazardous if not maintained property. It is absolutely not possible to live in a house that is free of any hazards. But if proper rules and regulations are maintained the risks can be minimized and also ensure that you are safe.

What are the 5 signs that show that you are safe in your rented home?

  • There are no instances of damp and mould inside the house. Such issues can seriously affect your health and might cause respiratory issues and allergies.
  • The rooms are well ventilated and there are no situations for getting suffocated and suffering from breathing problems.
  • The locks of the windows and the doors are perfectly functioning and the front door features additional lock systems.
  • There are no faulty wiring and old sockets present that can lead to shocks, burns, short circuits that are even fatal in nature.
  • The roofs, walls, ceilings and the floors of the houses are in the perfect condition and there is no complaint of leaking or damage.

These are the five instances of a rental property that ensures that you are staying in a safe and healthy environment and there is no chance that you are in danger. You must look out for the five signs while you are seeking for rental apartments or flats in Chennai. This is important and a necessity so that there is no scope of any accidents or unwanted events later on and you suffer out of it.

Regular maintenance is a necessity

If you are a landlord and want to provide your tenant with a safe and healthy living environment, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are investing money for the maintenance work or any repairing and mending tasks. Don’t you think it is better to take precautions and maintain a high safety standard of your property rather than leaving it to a hazardous and dangerous situation? If you provide a healthy and a well maintained property to your tenant, he or she will also try to maintain it by cleaning it regularly


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