7 Amazing Organic Diet Supplements to Expand Your Muscles after Gym

No one does not want to gain muscles. Everyone does! But getting to have muscles that catches everyone eye is not an easy task. It takes time, training, a lot of energy and most importantly taking the food that promote muscle building.

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The following are the list of the 7 Amazing Organic Diet Supplements after Gym to Expand Your Muscles. They are perfect and flawless and just for you. Some may come as a shock as they are the foods that you ignore the most!



  1. Organic proteins

Organic proteins includes lean chicken, lean beef, eggs and fish. It has been found out that when you work out, your body works harder and burns more calories to break down high protein foods than it does when processing carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, for your muscles to expand, it is very necessary that you take lots of food that is organic protein enriched. These foods contains vitamins B12, iron, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids that helps your body to build the muscles.

  1. Flax seeds As a muscle builder, you would consider using flax seeds than flax seed oil. While flax seeds contain high fiber, protein and it is a good source of omega 3, on the other hand, flax seed oil does not contain fiber and it is highly unstable for a muscle builder. Flax seeds contain high volume of solid omega 3 fatty acids that reduces muscle soreness after workouts. You do not want you muscles to be inflamed, so, take lots of flax seeds!
  1. Quinoa and whole grain rice Quinoa is a whole grain that contains lots of fiber and proteins required by the muscle builder. Whole grain rice also contain the same. Therefore, it is advisable that a muscle builder replaces his regular rice with whole grain rice. This will enable constant supply of proteins and fiber for easy muscle building.
  1. Plant based proteins


Plant proteins includes soya beans, peanuts and legumes. It is very important that you avoid taking the plants proteins that contain lots of additives and preservatives as this will make it more and more efficient for you to gain the muscles. Also remember that black beans provide a caloric dense carbohydrate which are perfect for muscle building.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain a chemical known as phytochemical which protects your body from cancer. Good health is essential when you are working out. Vegetables contains low calories and have solid amount of soluble fiber which helps in fat loss. You do not want to lose the body muscles gained and therefore you should take lots of vegetables for more nutritional value.

  1. Whey and milk

High quality whey contain amino acids that helps activate cellular mechanisms which in turn promote muscle protein synthesis. It also boosts thyroid and also protect against declining testosterone hormone levels after exercise. Whey and milk contains calcium and vitamin D that helps maintain body proteins, provide proteins that aid in digestion and also improves your health as you work out!

  1. Fruits

Fruits are a great source of electrolytes and fiber. It is very necessary that you add up to 5 fruits for every meal that you take. It has been found out that a banana has three types of sugars that is, fructose, sucrose and glucose that are essential for pre training and post training. Fruits are a good snack for muscle building.
Eventually, water is very important whether you are dieting or not. The best guideline for water intake is to divide your weight (pound) into two and the resulting value is the number of ounces of water that you are supposed to take every day.

Never allow yourself to be dehydrated. With 7 Amazing Organic Supplements after Gym to Expand Your Muscles you will realize that Pain is temporary and Pride will be there forever!

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