7 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs a New Paint Job

With other vehicles, you drive up to a spotlight, and the person behind your car does not apply the brake on time. What happens next is the thing we all know? They hit at your car’s back, and paint comes out with a few scratches. During that moment, you may not consider it as a ‘big deal thing’, but at the time of resale, you may regret that day.

Getting a new job paint done at the same time will always be a wise decision. But a few drivers may not be aware when to get it done. It isn’t a big revelation; however, to aid you, we have laid down seven signs that indicate your car needs a new paint job.

  • Small to major accidents:

Even a slight collision of cars on the road can lead to some critical issues shortly. As said earlier, at that moment, your four-wheeler may drive fine, but paint bubbling and cracking could occur.

If the small scratch is left unrepaired, then your car will be vulnerable to rust, which will be unstoppable. Eventually, that will lead to deteriorating your car’s entire external body.

  • Losing the shine:

How did your car look when you drove it off the showroom for the first time? Shinier, right? When you start to notice that the polished look is fading away, then that’s an indication to get the new paint job done. You can compare today’s picture of your car with the one clicked when purchased.

However, there are many reasons why this could happen with your car. One of the common reasons is its age. Other causes are when you leave your four-wheeler in the direct sun for too long, harsh weather conditions, or the delay in washing.

  • Peeling of the clear coating:

Typically, the clear coating acts as a shield for the paint against dangerous elements. If it starts to come out from its place, then the paint sitting underneath the coat may get exposed to risk.

Sometimes, you may think paint is peeling off, but it is the clear coating that has come out. Still, your car paint is in jeopardy because once the coat is gone, the colour could also wear out. However, peeling off the clear coating is a sure sign that you need to take your car for painting.

  • Severe scratches on your car:

What if shopping carts collide with your car or you met with an accident (no matter minor or major)? All of these can lead to deep scratches on your four-wheeler. You will require to cover it up by repainting your car. For surface scratches, there is a small process called paint correction.

In case of accidents, you can contact insurance companies, which will help you get covered. You can also polish some minor scratches. That will help you to go longer without repainting the whole car. But if it is too deep, then repainting is the ideal option.

  • The occurrence of rusting:

Generally, winter is the time when your car is more vulnerable to rusting. The road builders use salts to keep the road clear, and while driving, your tires may kick it up. This event can eat away the paint present on the underside of your car. If left unwiped, then it can lead to rust.

Not only winter but humid temperature can also scratch away your car’s paint. First, it will bubble up, then begin to deteriorate and rust. All of these are the signs screaming, and asking you to repaint your beloved car.

  • Popping up of dents and dings:

Shopping carts or carelessly opened doors are the usual causes of dents and dings. If these dents unmask the metal, then the complete body of your car will open its door for damage.

In most cases, you can repair dents and dings without repainting. For most of the parts, though, you will need to sand, hammer, smooth, and repaint the area. So, if you come across this sign, then ask the repairman about your further steps.

  • Car’s exterior is getting dull:

Let’s clarify one thing: Fading and dullness are two different situations. We’ve already explained the fading part; now, let’s concentrate on the dullness one. It generally happens when the clear coating is rubbing off. Hence, your car’s paint doesn’t require to be fading away to become dull.

You can notice the difference between the shininess today and on the day of polishing your car. You can fix this issue by merely applying the clear coating. But in critical cases, repainting would do well.

How to protect the new paint?

No matter you spent a fortune to get your car repainted or several hours for the prep work, you’ll have to protect it from getting damaged again. The easiest way is to apply a ceramic coating after 30 days of repainting. You can even add a paint sealant or car wax, but they’ll do their job for a year only.

You can learn more about ceramic coating – what it is and how it works. Plus, it can protect your paint job for more than three years. In a nutshell, the ceramic coating is far better than paint sealant and car wax.

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