7 Ways To Make A Film Out Of Your Action Camera

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Anyone from anywhere can make a film and it is easy to do it nowadays because technology is very much accessible. There are DLSRs, high-quality cellphone cameras, tablets and many more. But if there is one that is becoming one of the most loved cameras, that is the action camera. Action cameras are small cameras that can be used everywhere you go. It could either be put inside your car to capture what’s happening on the road or it could be mounted to you when you are either diving, skating or skateboarding. An action camera can be used in so many scenarios and if you are planning on making a film with it then you must follow the list below:

 Think of a concept

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In making a film, you should first have a concept in mind. While it is fun to shoot spontaneous moments and sceneries, it is also important to already have a gist of your story in hand before you start shooting with your action camera. With a concept, it will be easier for you to find a location and props for your film.

  1. Only make a short film

While it’s dreamy and ideal to shoot a full-length film using your action camera, it is still advisable to start with the basics. Begin with shooting a short film because it is from there that you will be able to fully grasp what filmmaking with an action camera is like. You don’t wanna spend too much time trying to perfect a certain long film. Again, just start with the basics.

  1. Choose grand locations

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You may have a small camera but the scope of it is far larger than those big DSLRs. Action cameras has the ability to make spaces be large and appealing to the naked eye that only the it can give. Choose grand locations that would look good on your camera such as the following: open fields, basketball courts, mountain ranges, beaches and many more.

  1. Use monopods

 Monopods can help you reach greater heights. When you only use your hands, chances are you’ll only get limited scope but with monopods, you can reach every side of the spectrum. If you are planning on buying a monopod for your action camera, you have to make sure that they are good in quality because most monopods break easily especially if they are bought at a cheaper price or they are second-hand products.

  1. Use drones

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Drones are the game changers in the camera world. There are drones that already have built-in cameras but if you just bought an action camera without a drone, that’s okay. You may opt to buy a drone that can be connected to an action camera. Drones can fly 20ft in the air and it will surely capture beautiful sceneries.

  1. Connect the action camera to your body


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Yes. You should also try to connect your action camera to your body especially if you are aiming for a shot that shows the point-of-view of the lead. It is important to try different things like connecting the camera to your body so you will also have different perspectives towards your shots and takes.

  1. Don’t pressure yourself

You don’t have to pressure yourself to make the best film there is. Yes, it’s quite hard and complicated making films out of a small camera that is why you can practice first before you get serious about it. Remember, nothing wrong will happen if you allow yourself to make something better.

In the end, the decision will be up to you. What matters is that you love and enjoy what you’re doing. Action cameras should be used properly in order to get better results for your future films.

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