A Bride’s Simple Guide In Choosing The Perfect Silhouette For Wedding Day


The bride is the most photographed subject in every wedding day. She steals the spotlight. She takes everyone’s breath away as she walks down the aisle, wedding a stunning dress that accentuates her natural beauty. This is why the perfect look for the bride, from hair and makeup that enhance her natural beauty to the right dress that gives her the perfect silhouette, should carefully be taken into consideration.

If you still have no clear picture of what you’ll wear on your wedding day, here’s a simple tip: choose silhouette first and everything else follows. Other details, such as the neckline, type of fabric, and the accessories won’t work for your dress if you fail at choosing the silhouette that seems flattering to your body type.

To help you choose the perfect dress for your body type, here are 8 wedding dress silhouettes you may consider.

Ball gown


When we were asked to draw a wedding gown during our younger years, we tend to draw an elegant dress with a full skirt – a ball gown. If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day and you want to make a dramatic entrance, this dress will do the magic for you.

A ball gown has a fitted bodice that flares at the waist with a full skirt. The dress style is great for camouflaging the mid-section trouble spots like hips and thighs, making it work best for pear-shaped frames. Petite brides, however, may not feel the “fairy tale” spark in ball gowns since they may find the skirt to be overwhelming for their smaller frames.


There’s something magical about full skirts that can make a bride “feel like a bride.” But if you want to have that same feeling while avoiding the overwhelming drama of ball gowns, an A-line dress may appeal to you. The classic 50s dress has a fitted bodice that hugs the smallest part of your waist and camouflage the hips, forming a clean A-shaped line flowing from your natural waist to the ground.

The good news is the simple and classic silhouette flatters all body types. The dress makes you comfortable in your own skin since it embraces your waist, flatters your bust, and gives you a slimmer figure.

Modified A-line


Modified A-line is similar to A-line wherein the gown also has a fitted bodice. The only noticeable difference between the two is a Modified A-line dress is fitted through the hips instead of  the waist where the clean, A-shaped skirt will then start to flow to the ground. The modified one also fits closer to the body than the traditional A-line dress. Similar to A-line style, Modified A-line dresses cater to all body types.



The Mermaid silhouette, as its name suggests, has a shape that resembles the body of a mermaid, from the torso down to the tail. The “fit-and-flare” dress embraces your torso tightly and accentuates your curves in all the right places. The dress is fitted on the body from bust to thighs then flares out beautifully close to the knee.

The mermaid style is the perfect choice for women with slender frames and hourglass frames who would love to show off the beauty of their curves on their big day. Since it accentuates the curves of the body, the style may not have the same va-va-voom effect to brides with apple-shaped, pear-shaped, and plus-size frames.



The trumpet silhouette is another “fit-and-flare” dress that has a close resemblance to mermaid dresses, which can be a little confusing. Like the mermaid style, the trumpet has a tight bodice which emphasizes the curves from your torso to your thighs. The slight difference is trumpet dresses flare more gradually, creating a looser cascade from the hips to the floor.

The magic of trumpet silhouettes works best on brides with small waists such as hourglass, banana, and petite frames. The style may not be ideal for pear and apple frames since the dress highlights and covers the wrong areas, like emphasizing the widest parts like hips and flaring out on areas like legs and knees where you are most slender.



Sheath is a sleek silhouette that beautifully celebrates the body’s natural shape. The modern, curve-hugging style can elongate and contour your body from the neckline to the hem. Sheath dresses are form-fitting and narrow, which are appealing to brides who are looking for something less dramatic yet sophisticated.

Sheath dresses effortlessly fit to brides with curvy, hourglass frames. The style also works well on brides with banana or petite frames. However, the dress style may not flatter pears, thick-waisted, short-waisted, or full-figured frames. If you want to wear something simple and narrow, try an empire waist dress, with a skirt that begins under the bust and flows into a subtle floor-length A-line.



A bride can look stunning and outshine her entourage on her wedding day without the help of a dress that dramatically touches the floor. Tea-length dresses, wherein the full skirt falls in between the ankle and the knee, are preferred by some women who choose to be unique and embrace the 50s flair.

Tea-length has the classic look of a formal gown without the fuss of a floor-length. It is also ideal for all body types, and not to mention, can show off the style of your shoes.



Mini wedding dresses are short dresses wherein the skirt falls above the knee. You may choose to look sophisticated with a pencil-cut skirt or young and sweet with a full flared skirt. Mini dresses are best for brides who would love to break conventions and formality and make their big day feel like a cocktail party. These dresses will also flatter you if you have a petite frame or lean, long legs.

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