Achieve “Beautility” Through Hamptons Style Lighting And Other Inspiring Options

Making a few changes in your home can go a long way in upgrading aesthetics and function, or “beautility.” You do not have to spend a huge amount of money, yet you still achieve a look that is not only rich in character but also kindles your joy as a homeowner and dweller. One affordable change that you can employ to turn your home into a vision of beauty is to change your lighting; the interesting designs of lighting fixtures can provide that perfect amount of illumination and personality, whether they are installed inside or outside the house.


If you are looking for lighting that is adds character, but is not necessarily over the top, a style that you should definitely consider is Hamptons style lighting… this is very charming and versatile, and can be used in all areas of the house. Homeowners like to install them in kitchen/dining rooms where members of the family like to convene and be surrounded by warm light as they eat and exchange stories. The timeless style of Hamptons lighting creates a sophisticated but relaxed mood that flows through living areas, bedrooms and outdoors to verandas and porticos.

Another option certainly worth considering is iL Fanale lighting. It is equally attractive and functional, but the difference with this type of lighting is that it has a coppery-bronze frame that’s ideal for beautiful established homes with rare architectural details. This type of lighting is just as attractive as a source of illumination for modern buildings. Handcrafted with an industrial edge this lighting will add character and easily fit right into the overall style.

Actually, there is no need to stick to the rules of design if you are thinking of improving the look of your home. It’s always nice to know the original intention for certain designs so you can be guided in developing the style you really want. But ultimately as designers say “You are only limited by your imagination.” Surely, whichever lighting style you go with, as long as you have a clear vision in your head and you are smart in your application, you can achieve the look that will satisfy your style sensibility.1

If you wish to see a stunning array of lighting options aside from the popular examples provided, there are numerous Australian boutique lighting styles available that you can check out online. And while you’re exploring the massive World Wide Web, you can find some inspirational examples on how your choice of “beautility” lighting can be incorporated creatively into your home.

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