Add Flavor To The Cheapest Beverage In The World By Using An Infuser Water Bottle

Health professionals claim that most people do not meet the recommended daily water intake amount (which is eight glasses or more) for good health, and this is one of the many reasons why a lot of them easily get sick. Water, although free from vitamins and other nutrients, is crucial in maintaining the body’s balance – go without it, and all sorts of health complications will emerge (you have urinary tract infection, constipation, frequent headaches, kidney problems, and even skin irritation, to cite a few). H2O makes sure that the body expels toxins effectively, so it truly is important to drink lots of water.

But the common issue that people have with water is that it’s tasteless and devoid of nutritional value, which is why they would rather drink juices, tea, and various concoctions of coffee which offer pleasant flavors and additional nutrients. The problem with these other popular beverages is that despite being loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, too much of their other components can lead to negative health effects as well. Tea and coffee, in particular, contain caffeine which often has adverse side effects on people with thyroid problems. Likewise, they’re diuretics, so consuming too much can lead to stomachaches and frequent bowel movement. Meanwhile, juices can be quite acidic for some, and the fibers from the pulp often cause throat irritation.

Therefore, when it comes to the safest beverage to consume, water is still tops — but it’s boring, right? It doesn’t need to be. You can use an infuser water bottle which will allow you to create mildly flavored water with safer amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Do you like the refreshing taste of cucumber? Just pop some slices of cucumber in the water bottle infuser, then fill the container up with water and refrigerate. You get fancy cucumber water, but you don’t have to worry that you might end up eating soggy cucumber slices and seeds as you drink. Other people mix different types of fruits and even organic flowers in the flavor infuser water bottle, too, to create special water.

The really nice thing about having this type of water bottle is that aside from allowing you to add flavor and nutrients to water, you also get water that can be used a variety of ways. Rose water can be preserved for a long time and used as a facial toner or mist. Ditto with orange blossom water (which, by the way, can be pricey in healthy food stores) and lavender water, which can be added to a variety of recipes.

So, if you think that drinking plain water is too bland, make flavored water using infuser water bottles. You’ll definitely find yourself drinking H2O more often and benefiting greatly from doing so.

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