Adding Some Character When Renovating Your Kid’s Bedroom

As your children grow up from babies, to toddlers and beyond their tastes and interests will change all the time. Re-decorating their bedroom to reflect their constantly changing interests can become time consuming and expensive. However there are several ways in which you can update and renovate your children’s bedrooms without having to re-wallpaper and re-paint every year! Follow these tips for fresh, renovated bedrooms and happy children:

  • Neutral base – Start by decorating your child’s bedroom in neutral colours such as cream or pastel colours without any fussy patterns. Dark carpet works best in children’s bedrooms for obvious reasons! Having a neutral base to start with means that you can easily adapt it and update it later on with very little effort.
  • Curtains – If your child is into a particular cartoon character or superhero for example, you can usually find curtains in that theme. If you can’t find any ready-made curtains then you could look for fabric in that theme and make your own. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that can guide you through making curtains, or ask a local haberdasher or seamstress if they offer a curtain making service.
  • Bed-sheets – The bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom so another quick way to add a touch of character into your child’s bedroom is to use bed-sheets themed on their favourite character. Again, if you can’t find the right ones, look for fabric in that theme and make them or have them made for you.
  • Wall stickers – The addition of wall stickers  into your children’s bedroom means that you can quickly and easily add some character to the walls without having to re-paper or repaint. Wall stickers are available in almost any theme you can imagine, from Disney Princesses and cute animals to superheroes and pirates. They’re easy to apply and just as easy to remove so you can update your children’s bedrooms as their tastes and interests change.
  • Rugs – As an alternative to the expensive and arduous task of having new carpet fitted in your child’s bedroom you can update the room and also protect the carpet from dirt and spillages by using a rug. You can usually find rugs themed with popular characters like Spiderman and Sponge Bob Square Pants for example. If you can’t find one in the right character theme then try to find one in similar colours, for example if your child likes Iron Man and has other Iron Man accessories, a rug in red and gold/yellow will complement the rest of the bedroom.
  • Furniture – Any furniture with a wooden finish such as wardrobes, drawers, chairs etc can be sanded down and repainted in colours that correspond to the theme of your child’s bedroom. For example if your child is into Disney Princesses you could repaint their furniture in pink to give it a girly princess feel. As they grow older and their tastes change you can simply sand the furniture down and repaint accordingly!


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