Arizona ‘Karen’ with ‘$40,000 Rolex’ trashes face mask display in Target

A woman filmed herself destroying a face mask display inside a Target store in Arizona.

In the footage, Melissa Rein Lively, who runs a public relations company in Scottsdale, can be heard going on explosive rant as she points the camera to a display of protective face masks coverings.

“Finally we meet the end of the road. I’ve been looking forward to this s–t all my f - - king life,” says Lively in the video, which has been viewed 5.9 million times.

The woman approaches the display of masks that are sealed in plastic bags and others open-clothed with no wrapping.

She then slams the masks from the display on the floor while saying, “So, Target, I’m not playing anymore f–ing games. This s–t  is f–ing over.”

She repeats, “This s–t’s over” then says “Yeah, wooh!”

Two Target employees then appear, and one can be heard saying, “Excuse me ma’am.” The employee is quickly interrupted by Lively who says, “This is over.”

She asks them “Why? You let everybody else do it… I can’t do it because I’m a blonde white woman? That’s wearing a f—ing $40,000 Rolex.”

A second video, which has been viewed 2.6 million times, showed the aftermath of the Target mask debacle, police officers are seen inside Lively’s garage, which she also recorded on Instagram Live.

When the officers confront Lively, she informs them she’s a spokesperson for the White House and she can’t share “classified information.”

She added, “I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson.”

“You’re a spokesperson correct?…I think we have enough here,” says an officer.

Lively is told to “turn around” and begins yelling “you’re doing this to me ’cause I’m Jewish,” and “this is a Nazi f–king game.”

The recording stops there, it’s unclear if Lively was arrested.

The Arizona health department reported 3,536 new coronavirus cases and four deaths Sunday.


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