Arkansas farmer accused of leaving dead animals on neighbor’s grave

An Arkansas farmer was arrested last week for allegedly defacing the grave of his former neighbor with the blood of dead animals he repeatedly left on the headstone, a report said.

Joseph Stroud, 78, is accused of dressing up disguised as a woman to leave the carcasses at the resting place of his long-time nemesis Fred McKinney, KNWA reported, citing arrest records.

McKinney’s granddaughter, Shannon Nobles, first noticed the dead animals in May — and at least one of them left a brown stain on McKinney’s headstone.

Nobles reported the findings to police in July. The family later set up cameras surrounding the grave.

The recordings captured a person in a gray Dodge Journey “walking up to the headstone with a dead animal in hand, place the dead animal on the headstone, and walk back to his vehicle.”

The alleged culprit, later identified as Stroud, wore a woman’s wig, women’s windbreaker jacket and sunglasses.

Stroud and McKinney had neighboring farms and “never got along with each other,” Nobles told police.

Nobles added there was once a lawsuit between the two farmers that she believes Shroud lost.

Stroud was linked to the Dodge Journey by Nobles and police.

Nobles twice spotted Stroud leaving the cemetery in the vehicle, the report said.

On one occasion, after Stroud drove away, Nobles found a dead possum and eight live babies at her grandfather’s grave.

After the incident, police responded to Stroud’s home and found a bath towel with apparent blood stains in the backseat of Stroud’s car.

Stroud has denied the accusations. He’s been charged with defacing objects of public respect.


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