Benefits of DeltaBoost For The Heart

Many of today’s folks are believed to be at high risk of developing serious heart conditions by the time they reach the age of 40, which is rather unfortunate considering how it’s often said that “life begins at 40.”


Health experts claim that the pace of life and the stressful demands that most people deal with on a regular basis are two of the strong culprits in the early onset of certain heart conditions. But apart from these, unhealthy vices, aging, poor environment, and some hereditary components play a great role in the overall health of most people as well. Hence, taking extra precaution and making lifestyle changes are necessary if you want to live a long, productive and fulfilling life. When it comes to cardiovascular health, nothing beats exercise and proper diet, and for those who need a boost to enhance the effects of these two, the right supplements will prove to be greatly beneficial.

One of the highly recommended supplements these days is DeltaBoost (for the heart) by Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL). This product was studied and developed for many years by the founder of the company, clinical nutritionist Dr. Bob Marshall. DeltaBoost is the main offering of QNL for people who want to take better care of their hearts in an all-natural way.

pills-1023897-mDeltaBoost, like all other products from QNL, is toxin-free, synthetic-free, and pesticide-free. This amazing product offers the following benefits for improved heart health:

  • It supports healthy triglyceride levels due to its tocotrienols content
  • It has gamma- and delta-tocotrienols that increase the heart’s vascular and metabolic integrity, which then improves the management of metabolic syndrome
  • It has small traces of gamma T3 which complements delta T3 to reduce inflammation
  • It’s rich in antioxidants for improved detoxification
  • It has high traces of tocopherols that are known to protect against oxidative damage that usually leads to heart disease
  • It reduces Atherioscleropic plaque that prevents oxygen from being delivered properly from the heart to other parts of the body and back to it
  • It decreases cholesterol productionpills-1213599-m

And there are so many other benefits.

This supplement, however, is just for the support of other cardiovascular health activities. Despite all of its promised benefits, it is not in itself a cure for heart disease. Therefore, it’s still important to get proper exercise, eat right and even consult the doctor before taking this supplement as you may be suffering from other conditions that may flare up due to the introduction of the strong elements in DeltaBoost.


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