Benefits of Jute Rugs and How to Decorate Them in Your Home?

Jute rugs have a totally flawed texture that adds earthly beauty to your space. A natural fibreis used to make the jute which fills in lustrous, green stalks that are washed, trimmed, and spun before weaving. This cycle gives the strands a characteristic earthy colour shade. However, these shades and colours can be dyed.  After knowing its benefits, you must ask yourself once – Should I buy wool rug, cotton rug, silk rug or jute rug. And, you will surely try to go for jute rugs.

The strands in jute mats are smooth, regular, and tough. These jute floor carpets are usually pet-friendly and simply need vacuum cleaning. It mixes well with numerous types of stylistic themes that add a characteristic look to the room. These jute mats are tough and are durable. Consistently, it won’t take any different treatment and maintenance. Jute is a lustrous, smooth naturalfibre that can be spun into long strings. The jute carpets and mats are made by both the handloom and the power loom, which bring about better jute.

These strands are particular and have uncommon entrancing qualities that make the normal fibrecarpet unique. They are less costly than different mats of a similar size. The jute floor rugs are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. It offers a tasteful and stylish look and it is the best common fibre that is extremely retentive.

Benefits of Jute Carpets:


Natural fibre carpets have seen an increased popularity in recent years because of its engaging texture and designs. Rather than engineered carpets that include the handling of petroleum and non-renewable energy sources and end up in landfills, natural fibre floor coverings are inexhaustible and biodegradable. Jute is one of the least expensive and most popular types of natural rugs.


Jute rug is an ideal option if individuals are attempting to be nature-friendly. Jute is reusable, biodegradable and carbon dioxide impartial. Additionally, Jute is especially wealthy in fibre. It is a rain-fed harvest that needs little compost and pesticides, substantially less than similar filaments, for example, cotton. Since it is biodegradable, it is utilized for materials, like, netting around sapling roots that are utilized to prevent eruption from new plant development.


Jute is one of the least expensive fibre floor rugs. It seems to be less expensive than different kinds of rug, for example, sisal or sea grass. This is because of its plenitude and fast development. Unlike to some conventional originations of eco-friendly deck, Jute is a budget alternative.


Jute is appreciated for its characteristic magnificence. The presence of jute carpets and mats are close to the other common fibre floor coverings. They are beige, tan, or brilliant earthly coloured, and the textures are generally woven in neutral patterns. The look is versatile for most interior feel, whether it is advanced or traditional.

Care and Maintenance

The upkeep of the jute is generally low. Natural fibre floor mats and rugs can hide dirt and residue well, and simple vacuuming should be sufficient to keep these rugs look clean for long duration. Remember that jute should not come into contact with water or it will decay and stain, so it should never be washed with wet cleanser or steam.

Ideas to Decorate with Jute Rugs

1) Go for high-traffic areas:

In case you’re looking for the ideal floor carpet for a high-traffic space, like for your living room or lobby, jute is a perfect choice that withstands regular foot traffic. Yet, in case you’re a pet owner, be little cautious. Jute do not retain odour well and isn’t appropriate for wet environments since it’s a delicate, naturalfibre. In such case, sea grass or sisal are acceptable choices for homes with pets.

2) Layer away:

While jute carpets are versatile and tend to comply with coastal designs, they’re flexible enough to supplement different styles, from modern to traditional. One elegant approach to lay them into a room is by layering it with another carpet. For example, if you look for a striking, designed carpet, make a feeling of equilibrium by putting a straightforward jute design in a huge size underneath for extra coverage in room.

Additionally, it is an approach to give an establishment to furniture in open-idea spaces. Many interior designers depend on this strategy to make a space more inviting.

3) Try a patterned style:

Jute’s regular shade is in earthly colour. However, an ever increasing number of retailers are trying different things with beautiful carpets to create designs, styles, including chevron and stripes. A designed jute mat is a simple method to add a touch of surface and character to a room—particularly one with a neutral shading pattern.

4) Stick to rooms with light flooring:

One drawback to jute carpets is that their filaments will shed. Therefore, it’s ideal to utilize a jute mat with light-shaded floor, where the shedding would be less recognizable. Utilizing a carpet cushion can also help limit the amount of shedding.

Now that you have good knowledge on benefits and decorating ideas of jute, it is advisable to give it a try. A natural fibre like jute is the best approach to go environment friendly. 

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