Benefits of your business using transcription services at an event

Are you looking for a way to increase the longevity of your conference or event?  Or perhaps you would like to add extra value to your event for all of your attendees and make sure that they have access to accurate information given during the conference post event? Many people organising an event or a conference fail to recognise the importance of using professional transcription services to transcribe their event.  There are many benefits to using transcription services at your event or conference that you may not have considered.

Your company’s conferences could be for a multitude of different purposes, maybe to announce the launch of a new product or service, or to give details of profits or acquisitions, or simply to provide information or discuss a topic of interest in your industry.  Whatever the reason for your conference, you want the information that you give to be distributed accurately.  By providing a professional and accurate transcription of your conference it ensures that journalists, bloggers or commentators have access to accurate information when reporting on or discussing your event.  Having this kind of information readily available for people to discuss is great marketing for your business.  A transcription of the event will also come in useful if you are also planning on writing a press release.


Being able to provide all of your conference attendees with a transcript of the conference adds value to your conference.  Sometimes it can be hard to digest what is being said during a conference, especially if there are distractions or if you cannot hear very well.  Having your conference transcribed means that people in attendance can digest the information from the conference in their own time and keep the information for their own reference, therefore extending the life of your conference.  It also allows people to relax and concentrate better during the conference instead of spending the whole time trying to scribble down notes.  A transcription is extremely useful for anyone who was not able to attend the conference, allowing them to still have access to all the information that was given on the day.

Using reputable and professional companies like transcription services from Take 1 is a great way of extending the life of your conference.  Without a transcription of your event or conference it is over as soon as people walk out the door.  By making a transcript available to all attendees it means that the points from the conference can be revisited and discussed after the event.

Some companies provide transcriptions of their conferences free of charge and others charge for a copy.  Depending on the nature of your conference, your transcript could be used to generate revenue for your business by selling it online.

Many companies are enjoying the benefits of using professional transcription services to transcribe their conferences.  Make sure your conferences aren’t lost as soon as they come to an end.  By recording the speakers and asking a professional transcription company to transcribe the recording you can create a lasting record of your event.  Providing a transcript of your conference ensures that you and the attendees are getting the most out of the event.



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