The Best Extreme Activities You Can Try In Australia

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Many people travel the world to sort of escape their busy work life. They travel to feed their mind and soul in hopes of becoming better individuals once they go home from an amazing trip. Australia is one of the top places people go to because of the culture, people and awesome places and delicious cuisine. While people go to Australia for vacation, they also never left without doing at least once extreme activity.


They say that in order to live a fruitful life, one must be able to at least try an extreme activity and overcome one’s fear. You don’t want to just stay in your hotel room, right? If you are heading to Australia then you may want to try these best extreme activities that they offer:

  1. Bungee Jump

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 This extreme activity is probably the most famous activity in Australia because you will totally feel like you’re falling from a hundred feet above with no assurance that you are still going to be alive after but of course this is a very safe activity that everyone loves. The bungee jump can be tried in the city of tropical Cairns. It is definitely a must-try!

  1. Ocean Rafting


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 People may view this activity as simple and sort of just like riding a normal boat but that is totally wrong. Riding the big inflated boat with a huge engine is way far different from riding a normal boat because with ocean rafting, one will be able to experience a bumpy extreme but safe sailing across the ocean. If you are up for the challenge then visit Airlie Beach in Australia as ocean rafting is very much famous there.

  1. Zorbing


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 Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a ball rolling for minutes? Zorbing will definitely answer your questions! This is just a simple yet extreme and exciting type of activity in Australia. Get ready to be placed in a hamster ball and start rolling down the hill. This is safe so you need not to worry! Zorbing can be tried in Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast.


  1. Surfing


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This activity may be usual for many because it is a popular activity in the best and famous beaches in the world but it is still considered as one of the most extreme activities because a lot of people are saying that it is really hard to balance yourself out there in the sea. But with the right training and experience, you will surely get used to the sport. Visit Byron Beach in Australia as it is one of the most famous spots for surfing.


  1. Skydiving

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This is an activity that often intimidates people especially those with fear of heights because it is an activity that would require anyone to be brave enough to jump from more than 10,000 ft above the sky. While it may seem scary, skydiving is still said to be one of the safest activity in the world. If you wanna try skydiving in Australia then visit Byron Bay!

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