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Sports car racing is one of the most excited games of all times. People who love to drive and people who love to watch; enjoy immensely during the games of sports cars. People who are not afraid of speed and other factors opt to race their cars or drive the car in the tracks while outnumbering other cars present in the racks. Steering, gears, brakes are just like food and water to these people and they love their life threatening addiction the most. It is one of the highly popular and populated ways of entertainment as well as involves high expenditure and earnings. Especially in European nations these types of sports is quite heavily practiced.


Most of you are also familiar with F1 which is the most highly held honour in the world of cars.  Car racing like any other adventure sports involves a lot of training and thus, if you do not know how to drive it, it’s better to keep away from these.  The similarity between every sports car is its unique look, light weight and high manoeuvrability. The main performance if the car is determined by its engine and drive train layout. People simply love to drive sport cars and thus, given below is a set of cars which can be considered as the best sport car in the world.


The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport tops the list of sports cars. The other cars really appear quite lame when compared to this model. In fact this model holds the record for the speed criteria. This is a limited edition and thus, you need to get your hands or at least take a look at this.  SSC Ultimate Aero TT is the second rank holder in this list of cars. SSC Tuatara has gained the third position with its beautiful design and efficient speed. Koenigsegg Agera R follows the third position.


This car is cheaper when compared to others and moreover this car has an awesome outlook.

9ff Porsche 911 GT2 GTurbo 1200 comes after this.



However, the preferences might vary from person to person but most of these cars are on every list. If you love to see the wheels turn and if you love to watch it from a distance, and then get yourself a racing location ticket and you will surely have experience of a lifetime. You can do further study about the models and obtain other information that you are looking out for.

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