Biden taps former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm as energy chief: reports

President-elect Joe Biden has selected former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm to run his Energy Department, according to reports Tuesday.

Granholm’s legacy as governor of the Wolverine State is closely aligned to Biden’s plan to create a clean energy revolution, steering the nation away from fossil fuels while creating millions of jobs through alternative energy sources.

It’s unclear when Biden is expected to announced Granholm, 61, as his energy secretary but Politico confirmed the appointment, citing two people familiar with the decision.

Earlier Tuesday, reports emerged that Biden had also chosen former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, 38, as his transportation secretary.

As governor from 2003 to 2011, Granholm focused heavily on renewable energy and worked to bring alternative energy companies to Michigan to replace jobs lost by the state’s flagging auto industry.

The Harvard Law School graduate was the first woman to serve as Michigan governor.

According to Politico, Granholm’s fierce support of the auto industry is expected to win Biden favor with blue collar workers in swing states like Michigan as he pushes a Green New Deal-fueled agenda.

In a Nov. 7 op-ed published in The Detroit News, which some pundits said was designed to draw Biden’s attention, Granholm said a “low-carbon” economic recovery would create good jobs and support the middle class.

As the Energy Secretary, Granholm will also be in charge of the nation’s handling of nuclear materials.

Like Biden, Granholm has pushed for the US to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels.


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