Body found in home where double murder suspect barricaded himself, cops say

A man was found dead at a Missouri home where cops tracked a suspect charged with killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her young daughter on Christmas Day, police said.

An investigation into the double slaying led St. Louis County police detectives to a home Tuesday in Velda City, where they believed 30-year-old Timothy Brown had holed up after being charged a day earlier with killing 28-year-old Charese Garvin and 2-year-old Alayah Butler, police said.

Cops got to the home at about 4 p.m. and made contact with a woman there before being shot at by someone inside the home, believed to be Brown, according to St. Louis County police spokesman Benjamin Granda.

The officers then backed off while taking away the woman, who was not immediately identified. Officers then tried to negotiate with the man inside, but hours of attempts via phone and loudspeaker were unsuccessful, Granda said.

A robot was later sent into the home to “evaluate the safety” of the residence and the male suspect inside was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, Granda said.

The victim’s identity could be confirmed until after he’s positively identified and his relatives are notified, the police spokesman said. A police source, however, identified the dead man Wednesday as Brown, KMOV reported.

Velda City police, meanwhile, said the suspect inside the home was Brown when the standoff began, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Charese Garvin and her daughter Alayah Butler
Charese Garvin and her daughter Alayah Butler

“I know you can hear me,” one cop shouted into a megaphone outside the home two hours into the standoff. “I need you to answer the phone. I need you to talk with us. As you can see Timothy, we’re not going anywhere.”

No other injuries were reported and cops used no force during the incident, Granda said.

Witnesses told cops they saw Brown at Garvin’s St. Louis County home at the time of the double shooting and evidence showed he took the cellphone of his ex — and mother of of his two children — as he left the residence.

“The suspect had previously threatened that if he could not have Charese Garvin, no one would,” a probable cause statement shows.

Garvin, a mother of three, including a 4- and 6-year-old fathered by Brown, was pregnant with her fourth child when she was killed, her sister-in-law told the Post-Dispatch.

The children Brown had with Garvin were at the home during the slayings, KTVI reported.

“It’s unbelievable, pure evil what happened to my sister,” Garvin’s brother, Aton Garvin, told the station. “She decided to give this guy a second chance and he did this.”


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