Boost Safety And Productivity In The Workplace With The Use Of Floor Tape

Efficiency. Safety. Productivity. Who wouldn’t want to achieve these in the workplace? Although there are quite a number of books, blogs and gurus suggesting numerous ideas to achieve each of these goals, sometimes, all it takes to achieve these can be as simple as using floor tape.

floor tapes

Floor marking is widely used in a diverse number of places ranging from manufacturing plants, schools, gyms and supermarkets. It can be used to assign traffic routes in a storage facility. In chemical plants, floor tapes can be utilized to mark hazardous areas. In warehouses, they can be effectively used for a variety of purposes including marking areas where ingredients are stored, labeling areas for finished products and marking areas where products ready for delivery are stored. This type of tape can also be used to let workers know where equipment and tools should be placed. Finally, it can be used for visual communication, including designating smoking areas.

Although paint can be used for any of these applications, floor marking tape offers several advantages. First, in using tape for marking, the one installing it does not need to deal with harmful fumes. Second, installing tape will take somewhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the size of the area. In contrast, when you use paint, you will also have to let it dry. In addition to this, there may be areas which may be inadvertently painted on due to spills. Also, it is easier to use floor tape especially for straight and curved lines, requiring very few accessories. In contrast, using paint requires additional accessories like cloth, brushes and paint rollers.

Tape is versatile enough to be applied onto uneven surfaces like concrete and asphalt while in using paint, some initial treatment or preparation should be made on the surface to be painted on. If the marking is to be removed, tape can be easily stripped off while paint requires the use of chemicals. The only advantage paint has over tape is that it can last up to seven years, depending on traffic and exposure, while tape can last up to five years.

In marking areas, especially in industrial applications, it is important to be aware of guidelines imposed by regulatory bodies including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. Also, it may be beneficial to utilize particular colors which are widely used in various facilities like red, yellow and orange.

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