Can I play PUBG in India in 2022?

Can I play PUBG in India in 2022?

What a relief! The ban on PUBG in India has been lifted. Now, you can play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds safely without the fear of getting arrested or fined by law enforcement agencies. So, if you’ve been waiting to download it Mobile or are thinking about installing it on your PC; here’s everything you need to know about its availability in India as well as its future prospects:

Pubg ban in India

Let’s talk about the PUBG ban in India.

The Government of India has banned Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) from being played in the country, citing “negative effects on society” as a major concern. The game was initially banned starting May 2019, but it was lifted after 1 month due to multiple court cases against it. Now that the ban has been re-imposed, what does this mean for players?

If you’re reading this article from outside India and have no clue what PUBG is or why they would ban it in their country: don’t worry! We’ll explain everything below and provide some basic information about how it affects players who live outside India too.

Can I play PUBG in India?

You can play PUBG on the following platforms:

  • Play Store (Android)
  • App Store (iOS)
  • Windows Store
  • Xbox One and Xbox One X.
  • PS4.

Is PUBG ban permanent?

You may be wondering if it is legal in India and whether the ban is permanent. The short answer is no and no.

After lifting the ban on that, the government has set up a committee to look into making it more accessible for gamers to play online games like it in India. This shows that they are thinking of lifting these bans again in 2022 as well, but don’t expect any changes before 2021 or 2022 so it’s best to wait until then before you try out your luck at playing that game without getting banned again!

When will the PUBG ban be lifted?

The ban on PUBG in India was lifted on the 30th of May, 2022. A successful petition was started by a bunch of gamers who wanted to play it again. The petition received over 100k signatures and it was sent to the Prime Minister’s office for approval. As soon as it got approval, the ban was lifted and PUBG could be played once again.

PUBG ban has been lifted in India.

The ban on game in India has been lifted. The game was banned on the 25th of November, 2022 by the Indian government due to it being a harmful influence on the youth of India. However, after reviewing the content, they found no evidence that playing that game would negatively impact anyone’s mental health or well being and as such have lifted their previous decision.


PUBG Mobile is all set to launch in India by 2022. The game is already available on Android and iOS devices worldwide and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. However, the title hasn’t received a global rollout yet. Indian gamers will be able to play PUBG Mobile as soon as it launches in their country.


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