Can Qigong Affect Cancer?

Statistics show that one out of five persons in the US suffers from Cancer and other relate diseases. The top killer of today is high in developing countries as well as other degenerative diseases.
But you would be surprised to know that there is a cure to cancer and that is all natural. You may want to check out qigong Vancouver BC classes for qigong does cure or significantly prevent cancer. This is not just some claim and some fad routine but instead it is a fact that just practicing QiGong martial arts has cured a lot of people.

To help you understand how such practice could help prevent and cure cancer, you have to look at history since the traditional Chinese paradigm though based on ancient philosophy certainly showed results. People at the time never had cancer or at least the occurrence were less. According to Chinese medical philosophy, there is no such thing as an incurable disease. The starting point of Chinese medical practice is that every person is by nature healthy. Both eastern and western medical studies both agreed that our body does cure itself and regenerate.
Then why do disease occur in people? According to the Chinese belief, it is because of the body system that have failed to adjust themselves to the disease causing environment. This is basically called the yin-yang disharmony. And this is exactly what QiGong restores in anyone’s lives. That is to restore the balance and keep your body at a regenerative state. If it is indeed true that the body can cure any disease, then cancer is certainly no exception.
But to explain this further, the cause of disease is basically these main two points.
• The energy blockage disrupting the flow of energy to work the body system
• Insufficient energy to work the system
Basically, what the energy flow is about is that the body merely acts as what you do and what you put inyour environment. Basically, what you put in the body and what influences it affects the energy flow and source. Doing the wrong practice, physically, spiritually, and of course what we eat will lead to a higher risk of diseases. Even if you have hereditary disease concern of cancer, you still can prevent the process just by having a healthy lifestyle.
So how does Qigong help in curing cancer?
Well, Qigong is the art of energy. Its fundamental objective is to promote harmonious energy flow in the body and even the spirit. Western people love to call this as ensuring that the energy that provides the feedback system. Feedback system also called immune system produces just the right hormones in the body. It is the one that repairs wear and tear, that disposes off toxic waste, that provides immunity and self defense, and that does countless other tasks that keep everyone else healthy and alive.
This is what Qigong offers you and it is achieved by the two main benefits of Qigong which are:
1. Clearing energy blockage.
2. Increasing energy level.
When the energy blockage is cleared and when there is sufficient energy to work the body’s natural functions, also called yin-yang balance. As a fine martial art, Qigong accomplishes this very well.
The different pose and stances on Qigong enhances the flow of the body. The breathing gives you alone a very good source of positive, warm energy. With this, you are able to develop a great abundance of energy and the flow of energy will greatly improve your body’s immune system.
Cancer cells, which are basically harmful cells, are then defeated by your immune system alone. This means you don’t need any therapy at all, especially if the cancer is still unable to be spotted. Usually, all of us know we have cancer only when it is too late. With the consistent practice and preventive measure of Qigong, you can decrease the chances of cancer may you have it or not.
Go ahead and check out qigong Vancouver BC classes to reap these benefits today.


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