Candace Owens’ GoFundMe campaign shut down after George Floyd comments

A fundraiser created by conservative pundit Candace Owens to aid an Alabama bar, following the owner’s controversial comments about George Floyd, was suspended by GoFundMe, according to a report.

Michael Dykes, the owner of Birmingham’s Parkside Cafe, called Floyd a “thug” and described protesters as “idiots” in comments originally sent over text message, which were later posted online by the recipient, reported.

The text message, forwarded to other bar employees, led three other staffers to quit.

The employee who received Dykes’ message posted it to Facebook and resigned.

The Facebook post prompted calls to boycott the bar.

Owens said she was trying to help an “already-struggling business.”

“After raising $205,000 in a few hours @gofundme decided to halt my campaign for the Parkside Cafe in Alabama. At their discretion, they deemed that funds raised for a conservative business constitutes ‘intolerance’ They WILL however give the funds raised thus far to the cafe…” Owens wrote on Twitter Sunday.

“Once again, conservatives and Trump supporters need to adapt to a world that tells us that our very existence is unacceptable. That our ideas, thoughts, and now even our charitable efforts are unacceptable. That threatening, boycotting, and cancelling us is okay,” Owens continued.

Her post linked to GoFundMe’s explanation for suspending the fundraiser.

It said the campaign violated terms of service.

It referenced content considered “to be in support of hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism or intolerance of any kind.”

Dykes told that he wrote the text to blow off steam and regrets his comments about Floyd.

“Yes, I made a mistake and called Mr. Floyd a thug. I regret that. I really do regret that. … I am sorry for what I said. I did not mean disrespect to Mr. Floyd, ever,” he said.


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