Carrera Sunglasses – Three Simple Tips To Finish First In The Optical Style Race

885626_aviatorBold styles. Materials that guarantee comfort and safety. A distinct DNA design. These and more make up the eyewear brand that is Carrera. With origins deeply rooted in racing, Carrera has created some of the optical world’s most covetous pairs of specs. If you have been searching for your own distinct pair of sunglasses from the brand’s array of collections, here are three simple tips to help you choose fast and easy.

1. Go with a shape that suits your facial features.

Carrera sunglasses come in different shapes. You can choose from round, square, pilot, masked, and cat eyes. To help you narrow down your choices, consider the shape of your face. Not all faces will look smashingly good under a pair of oversized square specs and then there are faces that can actually pull off any shape of eyewear. If you are buying your sunglasses from an online store and cannot do a fit, here is a quick guide:


Consider angular and geometric frames to sharpen features.



Try oval, round or butterfly-shaped sunglasses.


Cat eye frame types emphasize cheekbones while oval sunglasses maintain balance.

2. Do not shy away from colours.

Especially not when you are in the fashionable districts of London. Colourful sunglasses can elevate even the simplest of outfits into one UK fashion magazine-worthy shot. Carrera’s collection of sunglasses are categorised into four: Icons, Muse, Active, and Craze. Craze offers the most variety in colours as it is patterned according to “Youthful exuberance” and features frame colour choices in, among others, violet, green, orange, pink, and yellow. Lenses also come in different colours, from grey to azure. If you need to use a specific lens type like varifocals, ask your preferred optician about getting your sunglasses fitted for it.


3. Choose different styles for different occasions.

With so much variety to choose from, you really should consider getting two or three pairs. One should be ideal for everyday wear, kind of like your reading glasses. The other may be reserved for holidays out of town or another may be kept in your car, for easy access.

You can select from Carrera’s wide array of styles. However, your choices should correspond to the purpose of your sunglasses. For prescription, go for frame materials that allow for comfort and durability, like Carrera sunglasses made from optyl, which is high-tech plastic that weighs 20 percent less than some thermoplastic materials and acetate. For fashion, you can try plastic or metal — whichever looks most appealing and feels most comfortable on your skin.

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