Best CCNA Certification for Programming and Automation Jobs

CCNA Certification, in today’s constantly evolving technology world, staying competitive and relevant is paramount. With demand for highly skilled professionals in automation and programming rising steadily, having a CCNA certification may give you an edge. This article will explore various CCNA credentials available in Australia and determine which CCNA Certification is most suited for employment in automation and programming in 2024.

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Understanding CCNA Certification

CCNA, also known as Cisco Certified Network Associate certification, is an internationally recognized credential that confirms one’s skills and knowledge when it comes to networking. Cisco is a renowned technology firm offering various CCNA certifications covering different aspects of IT and networking.

Australia Experiences Rising Demand for Programming and Automation Jobs

Australia is seeing an increasing need for experts in automation and programming jobs. As companies embrace digitization, companies need those capable of designing and implementing automated systems – these jobs have never been in higher demand than they are right now! CCNA certifications provide people with essential skills to thrive in today’s constantly evolving world.

Finding a Relevant CCNA Certification for Programming and Automation

1. CCNA Routing and Switching

The CCNA Routing and Switching certification is essential in networking fundamentals. Although not directly focused on automation or programming, having a solid grasp of networking principles is vitally important for professionals working in these fields, making this certification an excellent basis for anyone wanting to break into automation or programming.

2. CCNA CyberOps

Are You Interested in Security, Networking, and Automated Systems? The CCNA CyberOps certification offers individuals who wish to broaden their expertise on this interweave of security, networking, and automated systems the knowledge required to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats. As safety and automation go hand-in-hand today, CCNA CyberOps opens doors for automation programming opportunities in cybersecurity.

3. CCNA DevNet

The CCNA DevNet certification was explicitly created to bring networking knowledge and programming expertise. Its primary goal is creating, automating, and monitoring network infrastructures and applications. Given the ever-increasing need for experts who can bridge the gap between development and networking jobs in 2024, CCNA DevNet remains an ideal certification to enhance automation and programming jobs.

Benefits of CCNA Certification for Programming and Automation Jobs

  1. Industry Recognition: The CCNA certification is globally recognized and establishes credibility in employment markets.
  2. Diversification: The CCNA DevNet certification allows professionals to expand their skills by combining automation, programming, and networking.
  3. Career Advancement: With CCNA certification in their arsenal, individuals are better positioned to advance their careers as employers increasingly prefer applicants with both programming and networking abilities.

How to Prepare for CCNA Certification in Australia?

Acquiring your CCNA accreditation requires careful preparation, and here are a few essential steps you should follow to guarantee its success:

  • Learning Resources for Students: Use official Cisco exam materials, study aids, and online resources to boost your knowledge in subjects associated with your certifications.
  • Practical Training: Create a home lab or utilize simulation environments to gain expertise in installing and troubleshooting devices on the network.
  • Participate in a Study Group: Join an online or in-person study group of learners to share and exchange knowledge, ask questions, and stay engaged.

Job Prospects After Completing the CCNA Certification

Professionals holding CCNA certification working in Australia can discover an abundance of career options, including:

  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Automation Engineer

Certification opens doors to various lucrative employment opportunities within automation and programming fields. CCNA certification provides numerous rewarding employment options.

CCNA Certification
CCNA Certification

Additional Considerations for 2024

As we approach 2024, we must remain abreast of emerging IT trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and technologies like IoT that have become integrated into programming and networking roles. Here are a few additional points for those seeking their CCNA qualification within Australia from 2024 onwards:

1. Integrating IoT With CCNA

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing our way of connecting and communicating, so individuals certified under the DevNet track of CCNA certification are well suited for IoT-related roles such as creating networks capable of supporting various gadgets connected, developing automation scripts to support IoT applications, or assuring security is maintained across an ecosystem of related things.

2. AI and Machine Learning Integration

With AI and machine learning becoming increasingly prevalent in networking and automation processes, specialists must integrate them into networking operations and automation processes. Certified CCNA professionals can increase their employability by studying AI/ML techniques used in networking, making themselves even more desirable to employers.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Technology is constantly evolving, so staying current requires continuous learning. After earning their CCNA certificate, IT professionals should use any new certifications or attend industry-related conferences as part of ongoing professional development to stay at the cutting edge.

Adapting to Industry Changes

IT professionals possessing CCNA certifications must adapt quickly to industry and trends changes, keeping abreast of emerging technologies, adjusting their skills accordingly, and staying abreast of recent advances. Being proactive about this aspect of their careers will ensure longevity and relevance within their fields of endeavour.


In conclusion, CCNA certification in Australia is ideal for anyone seeking excellence in automation and programming in 2024. Choose either Routing and Switching or CyberOps for networking expertise while DevNet blends programming with networking – ensure your certification meets your career objectives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to obtain the CCNA certification without prior experience in networking?

CCNA certificates are designed to accommodate different levels of expertise. Starting with Routing and Switching would provide an excellent foundation.

What time frame will be necessary to become certified as a CCNA?

Prep time varies based on individual experiences and learning styles; however, it could require several months of intensive studying and practice sessions.

Are there employment opportunities aimed explicitly at holders of the CCNA DevNet certification?

Being certified opens the doors to roles like Network Automation Engineer (NAE), DevOps Engineer, and Software Developer in networking.

Is CCNA certification recognized globally?

Employers worldwide appreciate and recognize CCNA certification.

What are the costs associated with taking a CCNA exam for certification?

Exam prices can differ, and to get up-to-date pricing information, visit Cisco’s official website for current prices and information.