China offers to help North Korea fight coronavirus pandemic

China is offering to help North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fight the coronavirus, even though he insists his country hasn’t had a single confirmed case, the BBC reported Saturday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his support after he received a verbal message from Kim, who was rumored to be dead or seriously ill last month before re-surfacing May 1 at the opening of a fertilizer factory. 

Kim congratulated Xi on what he called China’s success in fighting the coronavirus and wished him good health, according to Chinese state media reports.

Xi responded by thanking Kim for his support during China’s outbreak and added that China was “willing to continue to provide assistance within its own capacity for [North Korea] in the fight against Covid-19.”

North Korea was the first country to suspend tourism and to seal its borders because of the infection.

The country has a decrepit health system that could not withstand even a small number of COVID-19 cases, according to North Korean analysts.


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