Cop who confessed to murdering Sarah Everard isn’t eating: Report

A former British cop who pleaded to murdering a woman he snatched off the streets of London has reportedly stopped eating and is on suicide watch.

Wayne Couzens, 48, a former Metropolitan police officer from Kent, admitted he raped and killed Sarah Everard — a marketing professional whose disappearance and death became international news.

The killer hasn’t been eating his prison meals in top-security Belmarsh jail for days, sources told The Sun.

Couzens has been placed on 24/7 surveillance “in case he tries to take the easy way out,” the source told The Sun.

“After pleading guilty, Couzens basically didn’t touch any food for days,” the source said.

Sarah Everard was killed  in March 2021 while she was leaving a friends house.
Sarah Everard was killed in March 2021 while she was leaving a friends house.

“He’s still not eating properly, barely anything at all.

“It’s clear the enormity of his crimes have finally begun to register. But he’s being watched like a hawk in case he tries to take the easy way out.”

Everard disappeared in March as she was walking home from a friend’s home in the South London neighborhood of Clapham. Her body was discovered in a wooded area in Ashford, Kent a week later. 

The violent murder sent a shockwave across Britain, with vigils taking place across the country for Everard, the Sun reported. 

The Sun said that The Metro Police and the Kent Police are being investigated for their failure to report two incidents of indecent exposure against Couzens, who exposed himself inside of a McDonalds just days before the murder.

He is set to appear in court in September, and faces a maximum life sentence, the Sun said.


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