Cure Your Self of Cancer-Alternative Cancer Treatment for a Healthy body, Mind and Spirit


Let’s begin with what we know about healthy cells vs. cancer cells. Healthy cells in our body perform specialised functions. For example, heart cells help keep it functioning and healthy. We also know that healthy cells need oxygen to do their work. If cells in our body do not receive enough oxygen, they cease to do their specialised function. To survive, they start to multiply. When this multiplication process is rapid and uncontrolled, it gives rise to cancer.  These cancerous cells change our blood Ph. level from normal alkaline to acid.

To self- cure cancer, you need to do three things: change the blood Ph. from acid to alkaline, supply the cells in the body with more oxygen and cease all sugar in-takes. This also includes sugar from fruits.

Start by reading “Acid/Alkali” by Herman Aihara.  Aihara has made a study of various foods that can increase or decrease the acid or alkali content in blood. He found that meat, fish and poultry increases acidity in blood. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand increase the alkalinity in blood. If you want to fight cancer, you need to switch from acidic food to alkaline food. High alkaline foods include some Japanese seaweeds and ginger. Baking soda is basic in nature but it ought to be taken only in small doses.  Cancer cells cannot tolerate the high alkalinity and die.
You can use this practice as a preventative measure. Add one to two teaspoons of baking soda in cocoa and consume as a snack drink.
The second treatment involves giving healthy cells more oxygen. You can do this with hydrogen peroxide (symbol H2O2, has an extra molecule of oxygen.) Be careful while purchasing it. You must buy only “food grade” hydrogen peroxide. This solution is 35% H2O2 as compared to 3% for normal peroxide. The modus operandi involves squeezing a few drops in a cup of water each day. For persons already with cancer, the dosage could be increased. You should consult with a health practitioner for the exact dosage.
Third and perhaps the hardest to follow is cutting out all sugar. Soft drinks and many beverages are loaded with sugar and sweeteners. You must stop drinking them altogether. Most processed foods have sugar. Cereals are very bad. Bread, except certain whole grain brands, must go also. Putting together the need to keep the blood alkaline and ending sugar intake means a drastic change in diet. Salads and vegetables are you saviours. Fruits that do not contain sugar are fine.
Finally, cancer prevention is not complete without exercise. Start with a steady regimen of regular workouts. It should be a combination of cardio for the heart and circulation, and light muscle exercise to keep the muscles toned and strong.
Keep your mind and spirit healthy with a positive, cheerful attitude.

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