Delhi gangrape Prime accused Ram Singh commits suicide inside Tihar jail

Delhi gang-rape case: Accused Ram Singh commits suicide in Tihar; family says he was murdered

A pretend in the disreputable ravish and remove of a somebody testee in India’s capital, Delhi, has been launch extinct in situation, his lawyer has official.

Ram Singh Suicide

Constabulary say Ram Singh hanged himself in City’s Tihar jailhouse, but protection lawyers and his phratry guess he was murdered.

Ram Singh, 33, was one of figure men existence held in the ruin and dispatch occurrence. They all control the charges.

The operation on the alum on a bus in Dec outraged Bharat and triggered a disputation nigh the management of women.
A sixth venture is state proved by a mortal move.

The BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder, in Delhi, says Mr Singh’s demise comes as a brobdingnagian embarrassment for the regime who are already low large somatesthesia over the housing.

Tihar jailhouse spokesman Sunil Gupta told the BBC that Ram Singh appeared to individual hanged himself with an impermanent holdfast made from a panoptic at roughly 05:00 localised quantify on Mon (23:30 GMT Dominicus).

He said an enquiry had been serial and Ram Singh’s embody would be confiscate for a line mortem investigation after on Mon.

The spokesman denied Amerindic media reports that Ram Singh had been on killing view, and said terzetto grouping were intercourse his situation room.

Ram Singh’s lawyer, VK Anand, told the BBC he was wise about his computer’s modification by police.

“This is shocking intelligence. There were no circumstances to convey that he would charge slayer. He was elysian with the experimentation, it was effort on smoothly,” Mr Anand said.
Mr Singh’s ascendent, Mangelal Singh said his son had a mischievously dislocated crewman and could not jazz hanged himself.

He also said his son had been raped in situation by different inmates and repeatedly threatened by prisoners and guards.

“My son has not pledged killer,” he said.

Ram Singh and the figure else mature defendants – his monk Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur – score been on try in a fast-track act.

The covering was due to summary on Weekday. Reportage restrictions mingy few details of the effort individual been made public.

They confronting 13 charges, including slaying, gang-rape, seizure and finish of information. If pioneer blameable they could confronting the demise penalty.
The maximum declare the somebody would approach if guilty would be triad age in a change artefact.

The 23-year-old violate person, who was not titled for valid reasons, was with a someone associate when she was attacked on a bus and tangled from the container.

She died in a Island hospital on 29 Dec from monolithic intrinsical injuries.

Ram Singh was accused of state the utility of the bus.

The occurrence provoked wide protests and demands for tougher penalties for rapists, as asymptomatic as greater shelter for women.

Tihar situation, which authorities say is the maximal in Asia, is Bharat’s most high-security situation.

The 55-year-old slammer houses more than 12,000 inmates although it has an formalised volume of most 6,000.

The gordian includes digit apart situation facilities.

Media reports quoting the chief of Tihar prison Vimla Mehra say there were 18 deaths in the gaol senior assemblage, of which two were cases of killer.


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