Description of Duck Duck Go to know

Duck Duck Go is a popular internet search engine which emphasizes protecting searches privacy and also it avoids the filter bubble of personalized search resources it does not show the search result from the content farm. Duck Duck Go is a purely private search engine that results without trade of results with high quality it is one of the popular online search experience which is added with few bonus features that makes searching the Internet not only private but also it makes bit fun. Duck Duck Go is one of the Google’s more formidable competitor it is especially true for those uses who hold privacy as a critical component and it decides the search engine which is one of the best for them.


How to use Duck Duck Go


Duck Duck Go search is a private search engine which does not track your search history and most of the search engine save your web searches in the profile in which the company uses to filter results based on your activity in order to create the target advertisements. Duck Duck Go is a privacy focused search engine which will not collect your search history or any of your personal identifiable data. Duck Duck Go search web page is one of the product used as an extension for your browser or as mobile app most of the major browsers option is set Duck Duck Go as your browsers default search engine. It is one of the simplicity and privacy website which is built with personalization in favor of privacy by refraining from tracking everything which you have searched for online. This product explain its privacy policies that the only data it collects is aggregate data which can’t be used to track down the identities of the individual uses and it does not store your IP address or unique user agents strings.


Is there any special browser is used to use with duck duck go


You can use Duck Duck Go with any browser and it is one of the best product to use as a browser that supports the Duck Duck Go privacy essentials and browser extension. Here Firefox and all chromium based browsers are compatible with the go extension.


What are the process to search on Duck Duck Go search engine?


Initially visit Duck Duck and type of your search query in the search box and the web page will immediately returns such results which are based on your keywords rather than the personal data can be collected by the search engine.


Procedures to set Duck Duck Go as your default search engine


The address bar in most of the browser that doubles as a search bar and most of the browsers are configured to return Google searches by default but depending on which browser you are using you can choose manually noted to setDuck Duck Go search engine as your default search engine. Initially download and install Google Chrome and in that search engine the internet is essential in order to install the Google Chrome the first thing is you have to download your preferred browser. After changing your default search engine which follows approximately the same pattern for most of other browsers open the chrome customization and other control menu. Click the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser and it is the icon with three vertical dots just navigate the settings menu select the setting this option will bring you to comprehensive menu for your browser’s configuration setting that is included as your search settings. Go to search engine menu in which you are able to fine tune your search preferences from this menu and then open the drop down menu of search engine here that will be a drop down menu at the top of the search engine page just click the arrow to open the menu which is available of search engine options. In that just selectDuck Duck Go as your default search engine the menu will be provided as a selection of 5 engines to choose from includingDuck Duck Go. Here you have now set your default search engine to Duck Duck Go type as a search query in the address bar to immediately receive the search results from Duck Duck Go.


Can Duck Duck Go search engine can be used on mobile devices


 Duck GoD is preferable browser that can be used on your phone as a search engine by going to the webpage from your mobile browser there is no difference between using an Android browser like Chrome or Microsoft edge in your iPhone you can easily download Duck Duck Go app which is more than just as changing because it is a complete mobile browser. The extension is not available for mobile devices because the application already includes the same capabilities which is extra added with few features. 


Duck Duck Go privacy browser include fire button which will clear all the tabs and browser data from your device. The data that are saved your browser including cookies will be retained so you will remind signed into your favorite sites and services.


AddingDuck Duck Go privacy essentials in your Android device is completely simple just download the application in your iPhone or any other android devices and you can easily download the app and install it from your Google Play Store. Generally Android devices will have Google Play Store application that is installed by default just open the application and search forDuck Duck Go search engine and then install the application on your device just press install if the application is already installed the button will read as open the app will be downloaded within a second. After installing it will be ready to use right away. This is one of the easiest and user friendly product which has been reviewed from the customers and it is one of the secure search engine when compared to other search engines around the world.




There are variety of search engine platform inthatDuck Duck Go service is one of the best search engine which can be used on desktop mobile Android and other iOS devices you can easily search privately without any fear which is completely secured product. It is one of the most favorite search engine service which is liked by all and most of the people prefer Duck Duck Go because only of its privacy.


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