Designing your baby’s room

Your little one is more special to you than anyone else. And of course, you want to adorn his/her world with all things bright and beautiful. Consequently, you must have spent sleepless nights pondering over the look and appearance of your baby’s room. Your infant/toddler spends all day indoors, and therefore, the room must be designed in such a way that he/she cherishes every moment spent in that little cosmos of his/hers. Don’t let this process overburden your thoughts, for it might take some thoughtful action, but if done properly, it can be great fun too!

Inspiring Baby’s Room Design Ideas

First and foremost, consider your budget. Though one has to keep in mind the “beauty” factor, one’s primary focus is to get the functional things first. Your baby isn’t going to point out that the colour of the curtains do no match that of the rugs; the basic thing is to give it an overall colourful and vibrant feel, so that it induces a cheerful and positive spirit in the child. You also have to make sure that it is safe enough for your child. Simply to deck up the room, do not bring in things that might harm or injure your child in any way. Secondly, keep the measurements of the room handy whenever you’re out shopping, as that might come in use when you’re buying furniture, paint, etc.

When you’re planning the layout of the room, do not place the crib close to the entrance, as you may have to come to the room at the middle of the night, and on such occasions, you might trip over it. It is going to be the main attraction of your nursery, so make sure you get not only a brightly-coloured one, but one that is also very baby-friendly. Shape, style, finish and durability are important considerations that are to be taken into account. Enhance the room with other essential furniture such as a changing table for your baby, a very comfortable chair for multiple purposes, a night stand, a nursery hamper etc.

The colour scheme of the room holds a special emphasis as the baby’s room should ideally stand apart from the rest of the house; it must have its due share of warm and soothing yet cheerful colours that are perfectly suited to juvenile temperament. Gender neutral colours such as cream, yellow, beige and pale green never fail; while gender specific colours would most expectedly be, pink for a baby-girl and blue or some such solid colour for a baby-boy. Also, you may want to decorate the room with a nursery theme, which can be anything from cowboys to flowers, pirates to butterflies, Disney characters to fairy-tale princesses, or something more generic, such as blocks or stripes. Spare a thought as to how the room is going to be used in the future, whether you will need to repaint the room once your child outgrows the theme. If you’re feeling more enthusiastic and inventive, go for a baby shopping spree and pick up all the decorations, stickers, hangings, toys,  and other such accessories that you might like to add to the room.

Let the room come alive with your imagination and desires- the little dreams that you’ve been nurturing all along these years centred around the arrival of your angel.



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