Disc Golf Baskets – Choosing the Best for your Practice Session

Disc Golf is all about practice; the more you practice the sharper your putting technique will be. The smartest new players search for the best practice disc golf baskets to improve their game. The choice of buying a disc golf basket entirely depends on your budget and the way the basket will be used. Mainly, you must know how often you will move your basket around and if it will be used for tournaments and leagues or not.

There is a huge variety of disc golf baskets available in the market that you can choose from. The choice entirely depends on your requirement, but it is not an easy choice to make. You have to think of everything so that you don’t end up buying an unsuitable basket.

Let’s take a glance at different types of disc golf baskets that you could consider buying for your practice sessions.

  1. Foldable Disc Golf Baskets

Foldable baskets collapse down and fit inside a bag for easy transportation. You can use them for practice at your home and take them anywhere you want. The Innova Skillshot is a foldable disc golf basket that has a small target area, making it also fall under the narrow disc golf basket category. However, it is known for catching disc golf discs better than the other narrow targets. Foldable disc golf baskets are perfect for your practice sessions in the backyard or at the park.


  1. Narrow Disc Golf Baskets

If you want to improve your putting, this type of basket can be the best option for you. These don’t catch the disc as well and you cannot take them to the tournaments or leagues. However, this is undoubtedly one of the best choices that you can use for practice sessions. It trains your brain to aim at smaller targets. These are generally smaller in size, and that means you will miss more putts than on a regular basket. These are more common as a second basket because after a few practice sessions with them, you will want to go back to regular-sized baskets.


  1. Light Duty Disc Golf Baskets

These baskets are a slimmer version of the heavy-duty baskets. They are less expensive, lighter and have fewer chains. These are easy to fold up and move from one place to another like a foldable basket. As these have fewer and lighter chains, you can expect more spit outs and misses. These are a great if you are on a budget. You can carry them from one place to another wherever you want to practice.


  1. Heavy Duty Disc Golf Baskets

These baskets are closest to the ones you will find in the tournament golf course. Any player can use these baskets to practice at their home or at a league or tournament. These have been tested to give the highest success rate and lowest number of spit outs. They are generally more expensive than other types of disc golf baskets. These are generally known to be the best for any practice session. These give you the same feeling that players have in tournaments and leagues.

If you want your disc golf basket to meet the professional standards, it is better to buy the heavy-duty baskets because of their quality. These are a bit heavier, bulkier, and costlier than the other options. If you will be required to transport your basket a lot, you should go for light-duty or foldable baskets. These are inexpensive and will serve your purpose of simply practicing the game.


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