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Music plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. Once limited to live concerts, we now can enjoy music in our cars, homes, and even while we are taking a walk. But as music libraries and streaming services now proliferate our audio options, improving on sound quality and tonal performance has been a complex and expensive option, until now.

And now, thanks to technical advances within the Bluetooth category, portable Audio Systems that connect multiple speakers wirelessly and can be taken wherever you go, are here and delivers clarity of sound that redefines the music we listen to.


Today’s wireless speakers can connect to your phone, laptop, or most audio sources wirelessly (via a Bluetooth connection) and sometimes 3.5mm audio cables for those who prefer to use their analogy source. Connecting to Bluetooth speakers can be a simple and fast process. First time connection takes only a few seconds, and subsequent reconnections happens automatically and instantly.

The magic of Portable Audio Systems occurs when you have multiple speakers. Often with the tap of a single button, you can connect multiple speakers together to create an expansive listening experience. But that is not its only and best trick.

Most music is recorded in stereo, meaning that the sound your left ear and right ear hears can be different, but when heard together, it can tickle your senses and immerse you in music in an exciting way. To best appreciate the dynamic stereophonic sensation that this can bring, placement of the speakers within your listening area plays a critical role. Choosing the right speaker hardware can be just as important.

If the speakers you choose allow for stereophonic choices, it means that you can have fun placing the speakers in different locations based on where you are, and with a simple flick of a switch you can assign each speaker as either a left channel, right channel, or set for both channels at the same time. You will enjoy the ability to place them throughout your listening area and to hear your favorites songs fill the room with varying pitches and tones to your delight. And when moving to another room, and then to elsewhere, such as your backyard, you can enjoy the simplicity of bringing your ‘Sound System’ with you and sharing the delight with family and friends.

Sound Clarity:

Sound clarity is something you do not know you are missing until you hear it and is something you will miss as soon as it is gone. Sound clarity is like lifting a veil (or a filter more accurately) and allows the details within music and vocals to be heard on its own, and in concert with the other parts of the music that surrounds it. Whatever genre of music you prefer, you will likely hear the words of each song, the details of the percussions and the melody of each instrument distinctly as its own event within the complexity of the music.

The sound felt balanced and rich and is as effective with Hip Hop as with Jazz (and other music genres). The more complex the music, the better it sounds, and the songs sound different than what you may have been accustomed too (thanks to that clarity).


Flexibility in tech often means that it can be used however you want to use them, and this is where connected speakers can really shine. Using one or two for quick listening can also be a rewarding experience.

When you want to expand your listening area, simply add more speakers. To create a stereophonic listening experience, place two (or more) speakers on opposite ends of where you are positioned, then switch one to Left and the other to play the Right Channel, and be immediately rewarded with a balanced and in sync music environment aimed to delight your ears.

Adding two more speakers is as simple as could be and creates a unique experience that you need to listen to believe. Lost in the immersive moment is the actual location of each speaker, and instead you feel surrounded by music approaching from all directions, with a uniformity and clarity that you may have never heard before.


The best technology simply does what it is supposed to do, without fuss or complexity. A simple setup should reward you with an even easier way to reuse them.


When deciding on speakers, look for a design that plays up musical elements rather than whether or not they will survive a splash or heat wave. When speakers are designed for things other than sound, it is always sound that is compromised. Look closely for things like how many speakers are in each unit? Are there any tweeters? Bass? Also, how easy are the controls for things like adjusting volume, track options (play, pause, next and previous songs), and the connectivity controls (to connect to your phone and to connect other compatible speakers). Often times, apps built for controls are more trouble than anything else. Simple touch features are always the best.

Author Bio: Jeff Leitman is the founder and CEO of Rocksteady Corporation, makers of the Rocksteady Stadium – a Portable Audio System that features easy connectivity, expansive and immersive sound, and studio quality clarity of sound that seeks to redefine the music you love and listen to.


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