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Cleaning and managing your home is a great activity for your time pass also for a healthy and clean environment at your home. In order to provide your children a neat and clean and healthy lifestyle, you must know some easy tips. Cleaning and maintaining your home habits tells your lifestyle and daily routine to everyone very loudly. This article will give you some easy tips to maintain your house efficiently.

Effortless tips for maintenance: In order to save money and time following are some easy and effortless tips to maintain your house and keep yourself feel and fresh.


  • Changing your bed sheets: Changing your bed sheets after every 3 to 4 days to prevent the excessive dust un- hygienic environment. It also refreshes your room and gives a new refreshing look with every change of bed sheets.


  • Bed bugs: Spraying the bed bug killer sprays in every 15 days in the underneath your bed and mattress also helps to away from bed bugs and other insects.


  • Placing of Tool Box: One of the most things available in a home is a tool kit that contains basic hardware tools such as Pliers, Hammer, Screwdrivers, Adjustable Wrench, Measuring tape etc.


  • Cleaning your windows: Cleaning your windows in every 10 to 15 days will help to stay your windows neat and clean and also the fresh air comes from a window will also away from dirt and dust and also it will help to prevent from dust allergies.


  • Cleaning mirrors: Clean and wipe your mirrors with glass cleaner or other u can use lemon juice or vinegar for cleaning the glass and making it very shiny.


  • Dusting your ceiling fans: Maintaining your fresh environment requires a dusting of your ceiling fans regularly or after every 10 days. Because it is an imperative task and it counts very much to keep your fans neat and clean.


  • Cleaning water dispenser: Clean water is very important for your hygiene and health so you must clean your water dispenser after every 3 to 4 days. It is very necessary for a healthy sip of water and can be done easily by self. Cleaning them with bottle brushes and then run some water with high flow to clean even the pipes of the dispenser.


  • Cleaning fire burners: Your fire burners must be clean because it will protect from germs and cockroaches and be clean them will lead to making your burner smell free while cooking and avoid gas choking.


  • Washing dustbins: Wash your dustbin is a very effective tip for making your environment safe from germs. Always put polyethylene bags in your dustbins to keep them neat and clean. It is an important and considered as a day to day maintaining task because it gives you a healthy environment.


  • Cleaning drawers: Clean and manageable drawers lead you the lesser mess while u want anything. Manage your drawers with handmade organizers for your drawers if u have some time for doing it yourself but if not, u can buy some drawer organizers or manage your drawers with some plastic or paper boards. It helps a lot in managing the mess in your drawer.


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