Easy Solutions to Fix iPhone X, XS, & XS Max Battery Issues

When you’ve bought the most famous iPhone X, XS or XS Max, you might have the feeling of being on top of the world. But that smile on your face will start falling when you observed that the battery is draining very quickly in these phones. Though it might sound strange to you, but honestly this is possible. There can be a lot of reasons behind it, but you should be prepared for such situations. Even though there are reliable iPhone battery replacement services but before reaching to those you should look for some possible solutions to try to fix this problem.

  1. Force close background apps: Even though the background apps are on standby mode, they will still keep consuming the battery of your iPhone. Thus, first, you have to make sure you close the background apps, especially the ones which you are not using. After you have closed the background apps, you can force restart your iPhone so that it can dump the junk files and create memory which will support in the better performance. Don’t worry it’s just a soft reset for your iPhone. Sometimes, using excessive apps can even create overheating issues and before you start panicking and begin searching for ways to replace overheating iPhone battery in Singapore, see if closing the apps makes any difference or not.

  1. Manage the display settings: If the battery of your iPhone X, XS & XS Max is draining when it is set on automatic brightness enabled, then make sure you disable it. Adjust the brightness manually as per your need. Though the feature of automatic brightness gives you the ease of adjusting the brightness as per the requirement, it can also be responsible for draining the battery.


  1. Keep the latest version of apps and iOS: Usually, the newer versions of apps and iOS come with the fixes of any existing bugs. Thus if you keep the older version apps on your iPhone, they will automatically consume more battery because of the bugs on it. Therefore, for saving the battery more make sure you keep updating your apps and iOS to the latest versions. Moreover, after you have updated the apps, it is advisable to restart your iPhone that will help in implementing the apps correctly.
  2. Reset all the settings: If you observe the symptoms of battery draining after you have customized the settings, then you should reset the settings because as you getting the prior settings of iPhone, it is likely to fix the issue of battery draining in your iPhone. After you have reset your iPhone, it would restart automatically.
  1. Reset the iPhone & restore factory default settings: This can be the last option to try yourself to fix the issue of draining the battery of your iPhone X, XS and XS Max. When doing so, make sure you create a backup of all your files so that you won’t end up losing any data.

In some severe battery issues, it is possible that none of these tips will help. At that time, all you need is a reliable service for iPhone battery repair in Singapore. Just count on the trusted professionals who have expertise in resolving iPhone issue and get your problems of draining battery fixed instantly.


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