With the ever changing face in fashion trends, the accessories also have found a variety in the market. It could be a watch, a belt, a wallet or handbag, shoes or now-a-days, Hair-do! Where does this constant change come from and why do we want to change with the trends too? The answers are simple! These changes come from our favorite stars on screen or off it and we want to ape them for a simple reason that somewhere there is a want and a desire to be like them and to be them.


The celebs love to flaunt the new looks and in recent times, donning lace wigs is the new way to go. The hair industry has takes a turn towards new hair styles that change every day, every moment. The look changes from the cut and style, to the color, to the texture and to the length. At times, it doesn’t look ‘right’ but we want the same just to keep up with the prevailing fashion sense!

Lace wigs are the new way to go for looking trendy and different while keeping up with the fashion. What’s great about the lace wigs is that, contrary to the belief that wigs look tacky and artificial, these look natural and classy. They do not damage the growth or texture of your natural hair and hence is considered a great solution by the celebs.  Another plus for lace wigs is that they are a weave of natural hair instead of fibers, which look thread-like and artificial. It’s very simple to fix them, can last a long time if maintained well and is also easy on your pocket.

 In recent times, the lace wigs have gained popularity with celebs like Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, who swear by their versatility in style and cut, which adds to their fashionable and at times whimsical presentations. The extensive use of lace wigs is also for a reason that they give an illusion that the hair are growing from the scalp and not pasted n the head like the conventional wigs.

 Since the lace wigs can be rolled into a bun or a sporty pony tail, the stars love to use them extensively in movies and music videos. No one wants to ruin their hair with over-use of harsh chemicals in all hair products available in the market. Lace wigs are the saving grace for them all!

 It would be incomplete not to mention the different personas Lady Gaga creates in all her music videos and social appearances. She is seen with a different color, length and style of hair-do every time, thanks to the assorted collection of her lace wigs. While some celebs like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj create new looks, for some like Beyonce the lace wigs are the only solution on bad hair days! Beyonce’s collection of lace wigs is estimated to be worth more than $1 m. She is known to use them as her favorite accessory and flaunts her hair extensions at most music concerts and special events. If you ever want to be a ‘Beyonce’ for a day, then a long blonde or a short golden brown curly lace wig is for you!

 Rihanna is another music star who is known for her spunky hair-dos at all events. She is always on top of her music charts and is famous not only for her music videos but also her looks! A lot of young women across the globe are a huge fan of hers and you will find them aping her hair style and look.

 There was a time when wigs per se were restricted to people who had hair loss problems due to medical or cosmetic reasons. They were just used to cover the scalp and had no connection to fashion whatsoever. But today lace wigs are much is public demand and have a huge market and customer base in common people, besides celebrities, who like to stay at par with the prevailing fashion trends.

 The possibilities of change that lace wigs provide break the monotony and boredom of looking the same at all times, while maintaining the natural and healthy look of your original hair!

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