Ex-NYC councilman and retired priest accused of sexually assaulting minor in 1970s

Retired priest and former New York City Councilman Louis Gigante was slapped with a lawsuit that accused him of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy in the 1970s in a Bible study course.

Gigante, whose brother was mob boss Vincent “The Chin,” allegedly forced the kid to perform oral sex at St. Athanasius Church in the Bronx, documents filed in Bronx County court showed.

“The Archdiocese knew or should have known that Father Gigante was sexually abusing children and/or had the propensity to do so,” the complaint reads, according to The Bronx Times

“The defendants Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church knew or should have known of the abuse that Mr. Doe and other young children were suffering at the hands of their clergy.”

Gigante is also known for nonprofit housing developments in Hunt’s Point neighborhood in the 1980s.

Gigante served as a priest at St. Athanasius Church in the Bronx.
Gigante served as a priest at St. Athanasius Church in the Bronx.
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The suit was filed under state’s 2019 Child Victims Act, which gives victims a window to file for past claims of sexual abuse, the Bronx Times reported.

NYC law firm Curis law, who is representing the plaintiff, told The Bronx Times it hopes the Aug. 14 expiration date to file suits under The Child Victims Act will be extended.

“We commend all child sexual abuse survivors coming forward and seeking justice,” the statement reads. “It is unfortunate that the August 14, 2021 deadline will soon come to an end and look to New York State to implement new legislation to remove time restrictions as the trauma and suffering for these survivors is everlasting.”


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