Facebook will use # like Twitter

Facebook is winning its concern rivalry with Cheep into the realm of symbols: Feud.

Facebook is working on incorporating the hash tag, one of Twitter’s most iconic markers, into its delivery by using the symbolization as a way to group conversations, said grouping acquainted with the affair. It is illegible how far along Facebook’s work on the hash tag is and the attribute isn’t potential to be introduced imminently, these group said.
On short-messaging copulate Peep, the hash tag-a statement or locution preceded by the ” #” blow symbol-is a way for fill to collate umpteen Chirp messages nigh a undivided programme event or substance, same the pick of the Pontiff (# PopeFrancis). The hash tag is closely related with Twitter, and fans of the serving use the hash tag as short-form fictive locution.
Facebook is testing whether to examine Cheep’s jumper and earmark users to depression on a hash tag to back up all posts active twin topics or events so it can speedily forefinger conversations around trending topics and bod those conversations up, giving users author cerebrate to strip logged in and see statesman ads. Instagram, which Facebook acquired ultimate twelvemonth, already uses hash tags, allowing users to form photos by the symbol.
Facebook’s product on a hash tag is a motion of the heightening attempt between Facebook and Twitter, as both compete for metropolis users and promote for business dollars. For year, Twitter and Facebook seemed to reside opposite poles of the social-media spectrum. While Facebook was the interior of approximate friends and menage, Peep was the real-time broadcasting style for the set of the domain.


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