Finding the right mattress for your body

 These days we are increasingly becoming health conscious. But how many of us think of the importance of selecting an appropriate mattress and its impact on our health? 1/3rd of our day is spent sleeping on the mattress. We get a good sleep or spend the night tossing and turning on the bed is largely dependent on the mattress we choose for ourselves. Good sleep is not just important for a fresh new start or under eye circles but it has direct impact on our mood, memory, heart and many more. We never realize that while we sleep our spinal cord discs are re-hydrating and getting elasticity for the next day. To take care of all these things, never forget the importance of the mattress which furnishes your room.

People suffering from back pain, allergies, sleep problems or muscular problems should be more particular about choosing a mattress for themselves. A mattress that’s good for your back distributes the body pressure evenly helping your spine to stay in its natural curves. The biggest indicator of a good mattress is that it maintains the natural spine alignment which helps to prevent sore back. We have pressure points distributed all over our body and with all our sleep postures we need perfect cushioning. A firm mattress provides just the right type of cushion on our back, sides or any other posture we take during sleep. Apart from this a good quality mattress allows air circulation which ensures more comfort and breathability.


I’ll not leave you with the health benefits of a good mattress alone. Let’s take you to the selection of this mattress ensuring that you bring home comfort and health and not leaving you in buyer’s remorse.

  • First and the foremost is to try the mattress before you buy. You must lay on it for sometime so that your body gets to know if it’s suitable or not.
  • The size of the mattress is also an important choice to be made. Measure yourself and your partner and your sleeping styles. If you both are tall and rotate in bed, go for the king size mattress.
  • Each mattress has the company policy and the material on the label. Do read that to ensure that the mattress does not contain any material you are allergic to.
  • High price does not guarantee better sleep. Don’t be duped by it. Similarly thicker mattress does not mean a better mattress. It might be a visual ploy. Attend to your body and select the most comfortable.
  • Don’t get confused if more than one people are sharing the bed. There are mattresses in market that allow firmness adjustment on both the sides of the mattress.
  • Do not buy a saggy mattress. A mattress that sags does not support your spine and makes extra curves. Go for the mattress that is firm and cushions your body well.
  • Trial periods are to make the most out of them. Check your mattress, try it, sleep on it, and give it some time to adjust to your body. But if you feel like not being comfortable it’s better to return it than inviting back ache and dizziness every morning.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind before going out to buy a new mattress, so that you get the one which you need.

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    Find the best mattress you can, get some great mattress, add to that a bit of late night pampering and hopefully you are on your way to sweet dreams!


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