First day of DNC ends with bizarre Billy Porter music video

The finale of Monday’s Democratic National Convention may have been the keynote speech from Michelle Obama — but the encore was an oddball music performance from “Pose” star Billy Porter and rock legend Stephen Stills.

Most cable outlets cut away from the convention just moments after the former first lady’s speech — before Porter and Stills began a rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s hit protest song “For What It’s Worth.”

But for those who experience the surreal performance, reactions were mixed.

“This is the corniest bullsh– I’ve ever seen in my life,” one Twitter user wrote about the spectacle.

The DNC version stayed true to its 1966 roots as the music video flashed recent scenes of protest playing out across the country. The video was edited in a style more reminiscent of 80s cable access television than a modern day music video.

As Porter sang “What a field day for the heat, a thousand people in the street,” an image of a Black Lives Matter protest emerged behind him in a repetitious pattern that mimicked Andy Wharhol prints.

Pictures of athletes kneeling — a popular form of protest against racial injustice — were also included in the video.

Reactions to the music video were a mix of approval, amusement and confusion.

“The Billy Porter/Stephen Stills thing is literally the only thing I’ve enjoyed in quarantine that isn’t a carbohydrate,” wrote one woman on twitter.

Another Twitter user was left confused by the performance. “I’m sorry, someone needs to explain the Billy Porter thing…I don’t get it,” the man said.


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