Florida man accused of spray painting ‘I can’t breathe’ on 100 stop signs

A Florida man was arrested Saturday for allegedly going on a vandalism spree, scrawling anti-racism messages on some 100 stop signs in one community, a report said.

Zachary Kato, 32, is accused of using stencils and paint to write “racism” or “I can’t breathe” under the word “stop” on traffic signs in the city of Port Orange, the Orlando Sentinel reported, citing an arrest affidavit.

Kato’s alleged vandalism spree cost the city $12,500 in damage, the report said.

Police tracked him down on Friday with the help of surveillance footage.

Officers recovered paint cans in his garbage and other evidence, including receipts and cellphone screenshots.

Upon the discovery of the evidence, Kato went on an expletive-filled rant, according to the report.

He allegedly dared the cops who searched his home to arrest him, fuming: “I want to see a judge and jury tell me that speaking out against (expletive) racism is wrong.”

Kato was charged with criminal mischief.

He has several prior arrests, including one in 2013, when he was accused of strangling his father in a fight.


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