Florida man stuck aboard quarantined cruise ship for eight weeks

A Florida man has reportedly been stuck aboard a cruise ship docked in an Italian port for eight weeks.

Taylor Grimes, who works at a cruise ship jewelry store, has been stuck living in a small crew cabin since his friend tested positive for the virus in mid-March, news station WESH reported.

Grimes, who has tested positive for the illness, but hasn’t shown symptoms, cannot return to his Winter Springs home until he tests negative twice in a row.

“No day is fun, but some days are better than others and then some days are just the absolute worst,” Grimes told the network on Saturday.

His mother, Ann Grimes, described the test results as “maddening.”

“His test results have been positive, positive, negative, positive, negative, positive,” she told WESH, referring to her son’s ordeal.

“We have no confidence right now in the testing procedures.”

Taylor’s father, Tom Grimes, said he’s worried about his son’s mental state.

“I am worried about him, not so much physically because he hasn’t shown any signs of the virus, but mentally he’s on a never-ending roller coaster ride,” he said.


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