Foods that can harm your teeth


We know not all foods are helpful to the teeth. We know we can’t eat everything and hope to maintain healthy teeth. Dentists worldwide recommend certain food items that can harm the oral health in a great way. If these items are eaten regularly, it can lead to tooth decay and a variety of other problems along the way.

It’s therefore important to first know those foods and they exclude them from your diet. A lot of care is needed to get healthy teeth and the foremost among them is eating right. This is something you can control to get healthy and solid teeth. As a result, you should consult your dentist at the earliest to know these items.

Foods and drinks that damage your teeth and gums

Here are those food items you should avoid eating to maintain the health of your teeth –

Citrus Fruits

Fruits rich in vitamin C may be good for your body in terms of giving nutrition, they nonetheless harm the teeth. So, you should indeed eat fruits like lemons but not beyond the permissible limit. You need to cut down their consumption to maintain oral health.

Hard and Chewy Candies

Candies are bad for your teeth as they help produce acid that can erode the enamel. Hard candies leave a lot of sugar in the mouth for a longer period and they also contain citric acid. If eaten regularly, they will cause tooth decay for sure.


Pickles are not good for your dental health. You know foods are soaked in the acid to make pickles which harms the teeth in a big way. You can eat pickles once in a while but its regular usages will surely have an adverse effect on your teeth for sure.


Soda is bad for your teeth. Be it sugary soda or sugar-free one, both do damage the teeth in the long run. They are rich in citric and phosphorous acid which can erode enamel if taken regularly.

Sports and Energy Drinks

Anything acidic can harm your teeth, and you should stay away from that. That’s why sports and energy drinks should be a big know. You just can’t drink the thing that raises the prospects of tooth decay. So, if you can’t stop them drinking, at least cut down the frequency.


Wine is not good for your teeth. Don’t drink wine, be it red or white ones. They can stain the teeth and acids present in them can damage the teeth in a big way. They even impact the flow of saliva which means acids will have a free run and do more damage.


Dentists often recommend you to stay away from coffee or at least cut down the frequency. It can stain the teeth; it contains acid and makes the teeth stain harsher than you believe. So, if you can’t stop drinking coffee, you at least should limit the number.


In overall, you should take a great deal of care with the food items you eat. Else, the health of your teeth will deteriorate.

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