Four Amish children killed in tragic horse and buggy accident in Kentucky

Four Amish children were killed during a tragic horse and buggy accident in Kentucky Thursday, reports said.

A total of five children were traveling over a stream with an adult at around 5 p.m. when the horse lost its footing and the buggy suddenly overturned, sending the kids plunging into the water below, according to Kentucky’s WKYT-TV.

A witness said that she arrived at the scene with her boyfriend, who helped others pull the horse out of the water.

“It was devastating,” the witness, Missi Mosley, told the network. “The waters are so swift, and the rain was pouring down. It was just a somber feeling.”

After the crash, one adult was able to make it to the bank safely. One child was found dead while the search continued for the others.

Kentucky State Police later told the network that three of the other children had been found dead.

The search for the fifth, and last remaining child, continued through the night.


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