Fowl play: Swan harasses UK town by knocking on doors for hours

It’s his cygnet-ture move.

Residents of a British town say a say a swan named Cedric keeps knocking on their front doors for hours on end.

Befuddled homeowners on one street in Northampton have no idea why — but say it’s driving them slowly crazy.

“He starts by rattling the letter box, then bashes the metal with its beak quite loudly,” Stephen Legg, 70, groused of the bonkers bird.

“The racket reverberates through the whole house,” Legg told “It doesn’t do any damage, but it’s extremely irritating.”

Cedric lives with his mate on a nearby lake, and started persecuting the front doors about five years ago.

It started out of the blue, as Cedric and the Mrs. had lived in the lake for at least two years prior without incident, Legg said.

Cedric the swan at a front door in Northampton, England.
Cedric the swan at a front door in Northampton, England.
Tristan Potter / SWNS

Sometimes Cedric just knocks once or twice, then waddles off. Other times the bird will keep knock-knock-knocking for three hours.

“Pretty funny,” laughed neighbor Wendy Howard, 63, a retired nurse who recently recorded Cedric in the act.

“But I’m glad it isn’t my house because it is very noisy,” she noted.

Legg has no clue what Cedric wants when he knocks. The swan shouldn’t be hungry, since neighbors feed the birds on the lake all the time, he said.

“He does it every year [in] the summer, then doesn’t bother for the rest of the year,” Legg told “It is a flipping nuisance.”

Legg tried covering the door one year, but that impeded mail delivery. He also purchased a device that made “a swan-repellent ultrasonic noise,” but Cedric appeared to be attracted, not repelled, by the sound.

“He just nestled up to it, so it did no good at all, and even might’ve encouraged him,” Legg said. “It cost me thirty quid so it was a complete waste of money.”

If Cedric keeps up with his tiresome knock-knock jokes this summer, Legg said he’ll have to cover the door again and leave a window open so mail deliveries can be flung inside.


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